I did it as a Jew!


I'm happy to inform you that as a Jew living in Samaria I did it again! Just like in past years I bread and released at least a hundred of wild, wild pigs into Palestinian farms in order to destroy them. How did I do it? Simple. First of all I applied to my local Rabbinate asking them for a license to raise pigs. First they seemed to be rather reluctant, but when I explained the plan they said yes and gave me the go ahead. Then, as son of pigs, I went and talked to my parents in pig language and convinced them to be again fruitful and multiply. To my great surprise, they did as I asked them to. Pigs! The next step was to explain, again in pig language, to my new bros and sisters and to everyone else what was expected from them and what to do and how. At this point I let them free. I'm very happy now and proud to hear that they all did exceptionally well: bravo bros! Chrr, Chrr.

- This is comment # 21 on "PA Blames Israel for Wild Boars"

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