Haber's Conditional Pro Democracy Activism


In almost every article Mr. Haber puts out, and there are a lot of them in circulation these days, he says something positive about the Hussein Obama administration in connection with something negative about the Netanyahu government here in Israel. Last time, just a few days ago, he suggested Israel to reverse its policy on the "settlements" just because Washington doesn't like it and it might blackmail us by cutting off aid.

Haber forgets two fundamentals:

1.) That Israel, better, the Jews, have their G-d to provide protection, we don't need a new, humanized protector. We all know only too well where those try to lead us.

2.) That the American aid is only 1.6% of Israel's GNP (Gross National Product) and all of it is military aid since '98. So, even a 100% cut-off would not effect the Israeli economy in any substantial way. It could even stimulate our economy, allowing for local projects to develop and go into production.

This time Haber is telling us that we should run our institutions according to the American system, because they are: "not geeks about everything".

Well, they may not be geeks about everything Mr. Haber, but certainly they are Greeks, in the Hellenistic sense of the word, because they are running a system of governance that may be good for them, but that has absolutely nothing to do with Jews, with Judaism or with our tradition.

You see Mr. Haber, democracy is people's power, demos meaning people and cratos power. This is a system the Torah warns us against systematically in many places, with the Golden Calf episode and with the Hanukah story, just to mention two.

The Jews, on the other hand, are told to establish Jewish institutions in Eretz Israel, based on Hashemcracy so to speak, on halacha, on Jewish Law.

Advocating an even closer Israeli assimilation to America is equivalent to further reducing the Jewish character of the state, our differentiation and separation from the nations: an extremist, militant and an exquisitely secular motion. A motion that Israelis rejected at the last election.

Mr. Haber, why don’t you respect the consequences of at least your own un-Jewish “democratic” ideas, if not that of your nationalist political adversaries? Does “democracy” mean something to you only when people bring Labor and Meretz to power?

- This is an unpublished talkback on "A question of credibility"

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