More on the Eden Natan Zada lynch


- Nehad Hazam: "He came in order to murder as many Arabs as possible"
- ABY: How does Hazam know what we (Jews) don't know? Does he have access to info to which we don't have access to? How does Hazam know that Zada was not attacked on the bus? Or that someone tried to steal his uzi and he acted in self defense and thus rightfully? Just because then prime minister Sharon declared him a "Jewish terrorist" a few minutes after the news broke, that is before the conclusion of any investigation, doesn't mean that he IS a Jewish terrorist. Sharon also told us that the "disengagement" from Gaza would have bought us peace and security. But even if Zada were a Jewish terrorist (under police arrest), why does Hazam think his fellow citizens have a "right to lynch"? Such a heavily unbalanced person with deep prejudices have a right to be mayor in Israel? Why doesn't the Ministry of Interior allow such a situation to develop? In view of such incompetence, would it not be the case to put Shfaram under a commissioner?

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