Analysys of the Netanyahu Speech


Even contemplating the idea of giving away G-d given biblical and historical Jewish Holy Land to the goyim is a major sin and utterly unacceptable.

Attaching conditions to such a move, that makes it unlikely, is a good idea, but doesn't address the underlying issue expressed in the paragraph above.

Israel's narrative should be Jewish. The fact that it is not is a major problem for the Jewish people.

Israel should not play for time. We should be telling the world loud and clear who we are and what are we here for. We should be saying that the Land of Israel is G-d’s and He gave it to us for a purpose, to allow us to be separated from the nations and thus be holy. That’s why we'll fight for it if attacked. As we ARE under attack, we'll fight the Arab invader.

The above is a Jewish narrative and that should be Israel’s narrative too! Leaving G-d out from his speech, Netanyahu committed a major tactical and strategic error that may cost us dear.

Leaving Pollard out cheapened his speach even further, from a Jewish point of view. In conclusion therefore, he proved himself yet again an unworthy, "non-Jewish-minded" leader of a supposedly Jewish country, Israel.

- This is comment # 6 on "Bibi's Offer", # 13 on "EU: Netanyahu speech is step in right direction" and # 46 on "Netanyahu Advocates 'Palestinian State' Plus Conditions"

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