Ali Waked's one sided chioce of words and spreading of lies


Ali Waked, you seem to be specializing on .. "settlers cut down olive trees" stories.

Your Arab informers may not know this Ali, but you should know by now: these stories are lies. So why are you keep coming up with them again and again? To demonize the Jews? Ali, it is a Torah prohibition to cut down the enemy's fruit trees (Deut. 20:19). But this little detail would not deter a reporter with a mission, would it now, Ali. After all, few know what the Torah says on certain specific issues and the ant-Jewish propaganda will pass and stick, especially in the minds of anti-Semites. After all, were we not accused of all sorts of rubbish in our long and suffered history, like baking matzos with the blood of xtian children? Your stories on Jews cutting down Arab trees, Ali, are the same: lies, pure and simple lies.

What other explanation than Jew-hatred can be given to your one sided choice of words Ali? Let's examine only your first paragraph: "Ibrahim Ayid, of the village of Borin near Nablus, says he cannot complete construction on his home because it has been attacked three times during the past week by settlers".

First of all Ali, you call the Jews in your story "settlers", even if they are not “settlers”. In Judea and in Samaria and in Jerusalem the Jews are at home, they are the natives there, Ali. Read your Bible. Our Second Temple in Jerusalem was destroyed by the Romans 600 years BEFORE your Muhammad even invented Islam, let alone his followers built the golden dome on our Temple Mount. But forget about this now, we don't want to clash civilizations here but to verify your story.

So, let's talk about your choice of words and limit ourselves to the analysis only of your first paragraph.

The place where the Arab of your story lives you call "village" Ali, whereas the place where the Jews live you call "settlement". Why? Isn't the exact opposite is the historical truth? Jews were here, in Judea and Samaria, long before any Arab. We had Kings and Kingdoms and Capitals and Sanctuaries and Temples and Tombs of Our Heroes all over the place.

But you don't care. You call Shechem "Nablus", the exact same "error" as if you called Jerusalem "Alea Capitolina". Why? Because it was the same Roman Emperor, Hadrian, who changed Shechem's name to "Nablus" and Jerusalem's name to "Alea Capitolina". He did it for a political reason: to symbolize the deportation of the Jews from their Holy Land and the substantial de-Judaization of the region. What is your purpose, Ali?

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Anonymous said...

the fact is that those settlers are pretty dangerous and they're protected by IDF. The soon obama will remove them, the better.