A thought on the pop's visit to Israel


I couldn't agree more with the "all due respect to Rabbi Lau" part of your post, only to find that, again, I couldn't agree more with you where you add your thoughts to his. So, what's going on? Is he right or you?

I think it may be worth while to point out that what we are in front of here is a pattern.

All too often we find fine minds making perfect analysis, only to end up using it to support a way out wrong conclusion. All too often we keep on supporting mitigated positions on our part, while our enemies carry on pushing with the full weight of their extremisms: in this way the balance always shifts to their part.

It is therefore the case to mention that the pop is first and foremost an idol worshipper, then he is a public idol worshipper, then he is a public instigator to idol worshipping and then he is a public coordinator to public idol worshipping, capital crimes according to halacha, our Jewish Law. What is worst is that by closing an eye, we render ourselves guilty of these very same crimes.

The good news is that the pop is not a guest of the Jews, but of the Democratic State of Israel, an entity hostile to Judaism's mitzvot and to Jewish values..

- This is a comment on "The Pope's Visit And The Final Solution"

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