There is a problem with this column


The problem with this column is that it's given over to the Schechter Institute, a politicized "Rabbinical" Seminary with an agenda. Its mission statement on its home page states: "..the Schechter Institutes is to help fashion an Israeli society and a Jewish world secure in its Jewish roots and strong in its democratic values". Hm, "Jewish roots and democratic values"? This is not Judaism! Ladies and Gentleman, this is assimilation: The welcoming photos on their site show smiling women with uncovered hair, wearing tzitzit and participating in mixed learning! This is why and this is how it could happen that the comment on this week's parsha TOTALLY ignores Behukotai, a most important warning issued by Hashem to the Jewish people, to follow all His instruction, something the so called conservative movement does not like and does not do: Instead of accepting halacha, Jewish Law, on themselves, they go by the democratic value of doing whatever people want. Again, this is outside of Judaism and sould not be sold as such in a column denominated "Weekly Torah Portion", under "Jewish World". As what is there is precisely an un-Jewish world.

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