Slipery slope


Bassi: "At that time people didn’t know what they wanted."

ABY: Yes they did Bassi. They wanted to be left alone and stay on and carry on with their simple lives as farmers, as grand part of them were vegetable farmers and you were collaborating with the government that acted like a capo.

If a country, any country, acted against even a single Jew the way you and your kind holding positions in the State of Israel did, and plan to do it again on a much larger scale, it would have been decried as racist and anti-Semitic as any policy designed to a hurt a single Jew is "anti-Semitic".

The seemingly harmless "two states solution" jingle is anti-Semitic for this reason alone, in as much as one of the two states means to be judenrhein (ethnic-cleansed of Jews). This historically and ideologically is a direct continuation of third reich nazi policy.

Giving up parts of Eretz Israel for anything that is not their own graves is unacceptable for the Jews, Bassi, and what you are saying here is a nonsense and a chillul Hashem, a desecration of G-d’s name. At least the capos coming out from Auschwitz had the courage to say that they did what they did because they wanted to survive. They didn't come to humiliate us by saying that the inmates destroyed under their supervision were not good enough, they didn't know what they wanted.

You are a disgrace to the Jews Bassi: you fail as a man and you fail as a Jew and you are helping the State you declare you love to fail on their Jews.

Please don’t let people get confused by your wearing a kippah: you manifestly have no connection whatsoever to Jewish values.

- this is an unpublished talkback on "Bassi: Evacuees failed to cooperate with State"

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