Religious parties? An abomination!


I accept your good intentions Asher [a "right wing party" affiliate]. Not your method. I had huge arguments on this with Eidelberg too, another new human "constitution" writer for the Jews in Eretz Israel.

What most Jews fail or don't want to understand is that we are a special, chosen people, to live on the special, chosen Land, doing special, chosen actions and refrain from others. These are called mitzvot and these are the actions that turn a Jew, any Jew, Jewish. I don't want your correct analysis to be used to power the wrong non, and therefore anti-Jewish, action. You are not alone, Feiglin and all the other democrats have the same problem:

The Torah action required from the Jews as a nation is to establish Torah institutions on the Land. Political parties and knesset are not Torah institutions, they are "democratic" ones and "democracy" has nothing Jewish to it as demos means people and cratos means power - in Greek, and because we are told to stay united. Besides, Jews are voted for Hashem and for His eternal Law under Mt. Sinai, for all generations. We are not suppose to support temporary man-made laws and law-makers, a.k.a tyrants. This is the mechanism of the Golden Calf. Democracy might be good for the nations but it is a huge sin for the Jews in as much as we recieve our Law from Hashem and the nations are not (yet). We should be teaching the perfection of our system to them, instead of letting them teach their evil ways to us.

We celebrate our victory over the Hellenists every year, on Hanuka. Please don't tell me that you are one of them. Let me put it this way: even if your new humans-written “constitution” of the Jews in Eretz Israel was as brilliant as Hashem’s, what shall the Jews follow? Your human-written new "constitution" or Hashem's original?

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