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One solution you all overlook: Hashem's Peace Plan for the Jews also know as the Torah. We don't have to invent the hot water here. We are the only nation in the world that has the Torah and thus knows EXACTLY what to do and how. Here are the major points: Am Israel should be on the Land of Israel and should possess it fully. Not only parts of it, partially. All of it and completely. This means two major diferences respect of the current situation: no hostile Arabs living in Israel and no hostile Arabs living in Judea and Shomron. Then, there is the institutional question. Instead of the "democratic" system we've learned from the nations, we should have our Jewish institutions: the Beit Hamigdash on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, our King, our Sanhedrin and our judges in every village. Of course we deem these things “unrealistic” today and we are not doing any of them and we even have the chutzpah to get upset every time something goes wrong and bad things happen to us. Elections may be good for the Americans, for the nations, but knesset is not a Torah institution and we are also told not to get divided. Therefore it is no wonder this system doesn't work for us at all. It can not. It wasn't meant for us! As long as we refuse to be Jews, on the national level as well as individually, we’ll always have problems and tragedies. On the other hand, if we did what is required from us, we’d have peace and prosperity.

- This is talkback # 15 on "The American mistake"

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