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Lisa, the status of xtians has long been debated between the Jews and your inviting David from Judea "to learn" seems to be rather arrogant on your part. In my very "civil" view, you should learn! Why? Because what you are saying is simply not true:

a.) Xtians ARE personally responsible for the misdeeds of the church against the Jews by the very fact that they have made a free choice decision at one point or another in their lives and they decided to undersign the church with its history. This is the meaning to choose to be xtians today. Now, you might argue that such choices in some countries are cultural and do not reflect the personal opinion of the individuals, but I would respond to you by asking "Can we accept the idea of unconscious masses?" The answer clearly is NO! In Judaism there is a principle of responsibility and our relationship with G-d depends on it.

b.) You insinuate that "calling xtians idol worshippers" is David's personal opinion. Well Lisa, it is not. This is the Jewish prospective on xtians and the fact that the State of Israel welcomes such a figurehead is an indicator of degradation of its political system and leaders: Jews, by their own Law, are not allowed to communicate with such an entity and if they do it's because they fear for the lives of Jews in xtian-controlled territories all over the world.

My answer to Muriel is that Jews are commanded to distinguish between good and evil and to hate evil is a mitzvah. Mixing good and evil and showing respect for evil is a chilul Hashem, a desecration of G-d's name. Also, pop’s calling (I don’t want to sin by writing down his name) for a seemingly sterile “two state solution” is unperceivable. Why? Because one of the “states” is a proposed judenrhein, an ethnic-cleansed of Jews area, an intrinsically third reich nazi concept. If implemented, it would cause the forced deportation of 250.000 Jews. How’s that for anti-Semitism?

- This is a censured talkback on "Pope Benedict XVI arrives in Israel"

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Ben-Yehudah said...


Yes, Christians are most certainly practicers of avodah zarah.

Ramba"m Hil. Avodah Zarah v'Huqoth haGoyim 9:4

ט,ד הנוצריים עובדי עבודה זרה הן, ויום ראשון יום אידם הוא. לפיכך אסור לשאת ולתת עימהן בארץ ישראל, יום חמישי ויום שישי שבכל שבת ושבת; ואין צריך לומר יום ראשון עצמו, שהוא אסור בכל מקום. וכן נוהגין עימהן, בכל אידיהן.