The Prime Minister of Israel


I’m not his fan and I didn’t vote for him, but it is DISRESPECTFUL to call the Prime Minister of Israel: "Bibi". His mother or his wife may call him "Bibi" - at home, not the main stream press, especially in English. I doubt his friends and associates call him “Bibi”. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was duly elected to his position and even if the press-core does not like him, because he is not leftist enough, making fun of him and diminishing him and embarrassing him in public, at the final analysis, is not only un-Jewish, but it is spitting the public and the Israeli people and the country right in the face. After all, it is them who put the Prime Minister where he is.

- This is talkback # 2 on "Protestors urge Bibi to secure Shalit's release"

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