On homosexuality


There is confusion here. Recognizing what is what and distinguishing between good and evil was never so difficult. How can a seemingly bad act, a near-lynching in this case, be good and a good act, kissing and showing love and affection for another human being, be bad?

Well, the answer really is rather simple. What determines whether an act is good or evil is never the act itself. Rather, its motivation and its consequence, its relation to Torah: if a deed is for Torah, it's a Kiddush Hashem (good act). If it is against the Torah, it is chilul Hashem (evil act).

As for the Torah, homosexuality is an abomination, therefore stopping a public exhibition of it is a Kiddush Hashem, a sanctification of G-d's name, even if the act itself seems to be hateful on the surface. Let's not forget that hating evil is a mitzvah, a commandment and not hating evil is a chilul Hashem. Killing a Nazi is a good act, whereas the Nazi killing a Jew is an evil act.

So, in this case, a definite Jewish thumb up for the attackers who stopped their car in order to stop a public exhibition of an abomination in G-d’ eyes and a Jewish thumb down to the kissers: loving a man as if he was a woman is forbidden, all the more so in public and all the much more so in the Land of Israel, on our (meant-to-be) Holy Land.

Is this the civil law in Israel? No, but whenever there is a conflict between civil law and halacha, Jewish Law, there will always be violence. Why? Because we are not allowed to pick and chose between the mitzvot we like and those we don't. All mitzvot are binding and Jews fought to death for them for centuries.

It seems that the present secular regime established on the Land of Israel is pushing the gay issue and pits it against the Jews as an obvious "human rights" offensive.

Well, here is the wake-up call: Jews are not meant to be defenders of “human rights”. Adam also had his human right to eat the apple. Jews are to defend The Kingship of Hashem in this world, Jewish rights, an altogether different concept.

It is precisely the reason why we are hated throughout our history and in the exile: we give the world the whole idea of morality, including forbidden sexual relations. It is our Jewish right to have an island in the world for ourselves based on our ideas: Eretz Israel is a Jewish right, not a human right. If you look at this case closely, the real anti-Semites here are the kissers. Why? Because they show public disrespect to the Jews, to Jewish sensibility, to Jewish Law and to the Jewish Land.

These kissers are comparable to suicide bombers. The suicide bomber seeks to kill us from the outside. The proud public gays are intent to kill our Judaism that is inside us, so that we become a modern thing, a “new Jew”, who is without history and without tradition and without a specific Land. A “citizen of the world” in a modern “country of its citizens”. So, here is the warning: “Attention, this is an anti-Jewish political design!"

- This is an unpublished talkback on "2 men attacked while kissing on Tel Aviv street"

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