Confused Author [on "homophobia"]


Orwellian language: good is bad and bad is good, according to this author. Could you, Weizman, please tell me if the Torah classifies the homosexual act "an abomination" or not? Could you please tell me if Judaism is based on the observance of this Torah and on the observance of our tradition? If so, could you please say that showing public disrespect towards this Torah, toward the Jews, Judaism, Jewish Law and towards Jewish Tradition and Values is not an act of anti-Jewish defiance? I’m putting to you Weizman that you and your organized gay community is engaging in political anti-Jewish activity, the same way as Arab terror groups do, with the only difference that they are seeking to destroy us physically from the outside, whereas you are trying to destroy us morally by pitting our humanity against our Judaism, against our Jewish souls and our Jewish way of life. Your activity, Weizman, should be stopped by force if necessary as it is dangerous, because it is finalized to erode anything Jewish we have inside and replace it with the Hellenism of the nations we were specifically warned against.

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Anonymous said...

hard to be jew. what can say, your nation has been cursed by ALLAH, god where's lost in debated with your forfathers.


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