Barak vows to fight [Jewish] outposts


This superhero, Barak, has an interesting set of priorities for the so called Jewish state and for the so called Jewish army. Instead of fighting illegal Arab construction in what seculars call in Israel proper, in the Galilee for example, he chooses to fight the Jews occupying Eretz Israel. Even if the State of Israel in general and the IDF in particular were not established, financed and manned for this purpose: they meant to protect the Jews against their enemies after 2000 years of persecution. So, what happened here? - you might ask. My guess is that this Jewish State project got hijacked at some point by anti-Jewish elements. What can the Jews do to get their country back at this point? Just pray? Will the democratic process suffice?

- This is talkback # 15 on "Yesha heads, Barak meet on settlement construction"

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