Barak, grow up and quick. Please!


Barak, in the cabinet you have a position and with it comes a specific and for your luck well publicized responsibility: the defense of Israel.

Our supposedly “Jewish” country is exposed to more and greater dangers than ever, from our enemies outside and from our enemies inside. Yet it seems that instead of concentrating on your duty, on the defense of the country, you are misusing your power and you are misusing the IDF to harass the Jews living in containers in the desert and you throw them out of houses they bought up in contested areas. You don’t harass Arabs. Only Jews.

It would be reassuring Barak for the people of Israel if in your highly paid and by now lowly respected job you could focus on what you are paid for, on YOUR JOB, only on your job and on nothing else but on your job and not on the responsibilities of other ministers. National policy matter declarations should not come from the mouth of the defense minister but from the desk of the Prime Minister: with your "prima-donna" attitude and busy-body style behavior (and let me recall, with your terrible, terrible track- record) you are only proving yourself to be a peacock politician in the eyes of the nation.

What would be proper for you to talk about and interesting for us to listen to is how your ministry is going to deal, for example, with a non conventional dirty bomb coming in on let’s say Ramat Gan, G-d forbid, on Thursday morning at rush-hour. The IAF just finished a three days exercise flying over our heads. Wouldn’t be it proper for you to tell us how did it go? Did it work, again as an example, against the joint incoming NATO-Russian forces from the North (the Gog war scenario)?

In our lifetime, in the next 30 years Europe will be a Muslim-majority block and America right now has a semi-Muslim educated president, with elements of an anti-Jewish background. Barak, grow up and quick. Please! Incoming missiles don’t distinguish between political left and right.

- This is talkback # 8 on "Barak: US demand on settlement expansion makes no sense"

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