The little pamphlet


There is a little pamphlet called the Bible's in the middle. This author completely forgot it and he forgot it too that the declaration of independence does not include the word "democracy", and that it does include the term: "the book". He asks "How did we get there within six decades?". The simple answer is by ignoring and working against Torah in Israel. Is it sad? Yes, very.

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URGENT: "No more giveaways of Jewish property in Eretz Israel!" Campaign


Please send urgent faxes and emails in this sense to foregn office director general NOW 02-5303704 (from abroad, replace leading 0 with 972), mankal@mfa.gov.il Act NOW, save our heritage, save OUR Mt. Zion!

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The Tapuah model


Just a few days ago one of our trained attack dogs, "Loco", have successfully identified and neutralized an Arab infiltrator. When captured, he was begging for his life. Police took him to custody and released him the next day. Moral of the story is that when it comes to defend yishuvim there simply is no multi-million dollar fence or electronic surveillance system that can out-perform the ability of trained dogs and the determination of motivated Jewish handlers. The state and its army and its police are wrong to push for useless fences and classify and harass these grass-root Jewish defence units as "terrorists”.

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Re: # 12 on Pesach Goodman Z"L

Pesach Goodman passed away. May G-d help all Jews to rich his level of deep understanding of what Torah and Judaism are all about.


My friend did not get "his" liver and he died. His funeral will be today in Hevron at 1P

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Good work, G-d bless you!


Congrats to Orit Struck and her team of lawyers: well done and G-d bless you! Let's say loud and clear to the erev rav (mixed multitude), to that part of the Jewish people intent on war against G-d and against the truth and credibility of His Torah, that Jews don't accept pogroms in Israel. No more "evacuations", no more demolitions of Jewish homes and shuls and beit midrashim and Jewish Life on Jewish Soil!

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B"H Think the hostile Arabs out of the Israeli Jews box

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Not welcoming


Not welcoming an Israeli Foreign Minister on Egyptian soil is against the Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty of 1979 that is based on the Camp David Accords of 1978. It is therefore clear that Egypt's FM is testing the new government of Israel in view of US President H-Obama's opening to Iran.

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Court Jews


If you don't know what the term means, google it

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To Alon Davidi


If you were all "right wing extremists" in Sderot, Alon, you wouldn't have kassams falling on your heads for 8 years now and your children would not suffer from post-traumatic disorder syndrom. There is a joke that comes to mind: two Jews are standing in front of the firing squad in nazi Europe and they are getting their blind-folds, and one is too tight. So one of the Jews cries out: "oi"! "SSSsss", says the other, you'll create us problems! OK, not so funny. It just shows that nothing's changed, we'll never learn. NEVER AGAIN!

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Two state solution?


Jordan IS the second State. What you really want is a 3 state solution. And if and when you pull it off, you will want a 4 state solution, pressing for a "free Galilee" and the Kosovo principle will give it to you and the "free world" will support your claim to the territory and there will be UN resolutions and violent protests all over the world asking for a four state solution. And if and when you had your 4th state you will want to unify them and in order to do so, Israel must perish. So let's just say no to new "peace plans" and "peace solutions” now, as they are peace plans and peace solutions of the cemetery, for the Jews.

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- "Knesset Member Hanin Zuabi (Balad) appealed to the Foreign Ministry to help some 30 Arab students studying in the quake-stricken area. "We asked them to help locate the students, allow them to leave the disaster area, and received a positive response."

- Questions: 1. How does he know how many Arabs are there? 2. Why does he want only the Arabs to be helped? 3. What is the mechanism of distributing scolarships? 4. Is there etnic profiling? 5. If yes by whom? By Israel or by Italy?

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You called me


You called me and asked for me by name: "Ariel?" I said: "yes, who's speaking?" You said you are a friend of Rachel. I said: "OK, so what can I do for you?" You said: "I'm planning to visit Israel and want some information on places to visit and rates." I said: "look, first of all I don't know what Rachel you are referring to and second, your questions are far too vague, so I don't know what to say to you. There are many places to visit and there are many rates." You said that you would get in touch with Rachel and then call me back. I said OK. Ah, you also mentioned that you sent me an email. Of course you did not.

Now, this is a strange phone call. Not only because of the content, but because of its origin:

Information on phone number range +7 710 35XXXXX
Number billable as geographic number
Country or destination Kazakhstan
City or exchange location Ulytau
Original network provider* Kazakhtelecom

I think you made a mistake letting me have your phone number.

Re: # 11, 16


I'm just a Jew and as such I care about Jews. You don't need to get defensive over my comments. If you want you can use them to get access to some info. As you are given free choice, it is your responsibility to distinguish between good and evil and decide what you use your life for and how.

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Nasty or not


Nasty, as one talkbacker put it, or not, I would still like to understand how scolarships are distributed and by whom, by Israel or by EU. All or almost all Israeli students in L'Aquila turn out to be Arabs. Why? Is there ethnic screening in the distribution of EU scolarships?

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Let's face it


Let's face it, T.A. earned itself a terrible reputation as a promiscuous and immoral city. As the Jews don't change their ways, make tsuva and bring it down themselves, I wouldn't be surprised if Hashem chose the Iranians to do the job.

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Why don't you call him "Extremely Righteous Jew". The saver of his whole nation, he does what he can for the children of Israel today. We should be all queuing under the Temple mount to do the same gesture, offering the Pesach sacrifice

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Robert Wood


Mr. Wood, there are already two states on British mandate Palestine: Israel and Jordan. What you and your Arab-loving State Department are looking to build in reality is a three-state solution and it really is neither reasonable nor it is a solution: unless you have in mind a final solution - for Israel, that is.

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Re: # 10


Of course I'm fully aware of what you are saying Avi. The problem is that "Israel" is a Torah name, the Menorah on the State emblem is a Torah symbol and the state is founded on parts of our Holy Land of Israel, a Torah territory where, for religious Jews, Torah Law applies. With other words there is ambiguity here to say the least and what may appear to be legal to a secular so called Jew, is illegal or outright provocation for many Jewish Jews. I would also draw your attention to the fact that the Declaration of Independence mentions concepts like "Jewish Homeland for the Jews" and does not mention the word "democracy". It mentions equal individual and political rights for all of its citizens, but that does not culminate into national rights, as some would prefer to see it today. It also is strange that you allow theocracy for xtians and muslims, only to Jews you negate this G-d given Jewish right. Why?

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The system is not "ours"


What you call "our system", Emmanuel Rosen, is not ours. It is a Greek and Hellenistic system, demos meaning people and cratos power. Democracy might be good for the nations, for America, India, etc., but it has nothing to do with us. The Torah, our Constitution, tells us specifically what institutions to set up in the Land of Israel and how to run them. They are not knesset, supreme court and prime minister. They are the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, the King, the Sanhedrin and the courts with Judges and with officials to enforce the interpretation of our G-d given eternal Law. Only with these functioning Judaic institutions will we be able to be a light onto the nations and not the other way round, their victim. Supporting the status quo is evidently is a Chilul Hashem, a desecration of G-d's name, and therefore a system that will never work for the Jewish people in Eretz Israel. Most of our rabbis are guilty in not giving us a Torah-compatible guidance that deals with our re-possession of our Holy Land.

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All visitors are welcome


- Mayor Sheikh Khaled Hamdan: "The city of Umm al-Fahm accepts all visitors, gives them flowers and doesn't hand out stones".

- ABY: All visitors, as long as they are leftists and think what the mayor thinks

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Re: # 3


If he were an Arab I would call for him to be shot. Why? Because I distinguish between "them" and "us" and because the Arabs are at war with “us” Jews and want to eliminate "us" as a Jews and therefore we cannot and we must not apply the same criteria to "them" that we apply to "us". The worst enemy of the Jewish people has to be defeated in order for the Jewish people to live in peace, it is that simple. Our government first priority should be to win the war with our enemies. Instead, they want the word to love us and positive-discriminate Arabs. Absurd.

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Free Ofer Gamliel Now!


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The "law's" lunga manus


Every time the left can't have its way through the "democratic process", that is when people vote against them, it uses the judiciary to achieve its objectives. It worked in the past and it will work in the future. That's how and that's why Sharon carried out his electoral opponent's, Mitzna's platform. So, the question now is not if but for how long Lieberman will last? Will he be killed by an Arab or just leave the government "for his own reasons", and Obama-backed Livni will sit in Netanyahu's chair or will he simply "change his opinion", because "things look different from the FM's office"? We'll see soon enough in my view.

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Haber, you are the one who says "foolish things"


Haber, you should evidently not "rely on [your] memory at this late hour of night". Your list of achievements materialized DISPITE the oslo accords, not because of them. You also seem to forget (at this late hour of the night) that more than a thousand Jews were killed by our oslo peace partners and tens of thousands maimed for life. For this reason your article is not only intellectually dishonest but it is immoral. As far as the non material developments in this country are concerned, you conveniently forget that since the oslo accords and due to the oslo accords a huge and corrupt political society emerged in Israel that eroded the country's moral fabric and intellectual resources, apart from the religious sector, that thrives, thank G-d.

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The handshake


Let's not forget that the very handshake Egyptian Foreign Minister Ahmed Aboul Gheit is now about to withhold from us was not promised to us free of charge. Insane Israeli politicians, Begin and Sharon, bought it in March 1982 by giving them Sinai, our G-d given biblical Jewish Land and with the destruction of all Jewish Life there, as requested. Sounds familiar? Well, then let's remember Yamit and let's say to Egypt that either you shake both our hands and kiss them or we take Sinai, our holy Land, back!

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Shlomo Nativ. Murdered today by an Arab with an axe

May G-d avange his precious blood

Attack could have been prevented


Attack could have been prevented using trained dogs and their volunteer handlers, only if Central Command Chief Dadi Shamni didn't close down the preventive civil defense dog training center that he did close down, out of jealousy and arrogance and political rivalry, I suspect. Motivated Jews can do a lot more for Am Israel than unmotivated soldiers, even if official government rhetoric states otherwise.

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Bunch of terrorists under international protection


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Degrading [ynetnews] title


"Obama, Putin welcome Bibi" is a degrading title in as much as the foreigners are named by their surname, whereas Israeli prime minister is named by his nickname. Even Olmert, a highly unpopular and probably criminal figure was granted to his surname by the leftist media.

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Damaged image


Olmert, Livni, Peres, Barak, Moron Court damaged our image, not Lieberman. Who cares about "image" anyhow? It's the substance that matters

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