Arabs and so called Jews


Arabs and so called Jews are trying to politicize criminal activity.

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As politicians are liars and opportunists, Israelis are strongly advised to abstain from the vote: also, knesset is not a Torah institution. See www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com

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Olmert waiting for an answer


- Olmert: "I told him [Abbas] – 'let's sign.' It was half a year ago and I'm still waiting".
- ABY: Your wait is almost over now, so relax. Bibi will close your deal and sell us all out, don't you worry

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Not kosher


"...anyone purchasing a full meal at McDonald's will have the option of buying a mini croissant and a cappuccino for the price of NIS 7.50 ($1.86), instead of the regular price of NIS 9.90 ($2.46)"

Non kosher food supply in Israel is unbearable as it is and offering incentives for the ignoramus and to the non-caring to eat traif really is too much. Spitting our G-d repeatedly in face will have terrible consequences on us. Israeli authorities shouldn't give commercial licences to operations of this sort.

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Grave error!


In face of the recent rioting of the Arab population against Jews entering in "their" city, I would hope the Haifa Regional Planning Commission will have the courage to reconsider its decision and oppose the growth of no-go zones to Jews in Israel by not permitting the extension of extreme anti-Jewish racists occupied neighborhoods. Halacha, our Jewish Law, requires us not to allow them [the non-Jews] to dwell together. As we have seen, this leads only to the spreading of their impression that that territory is “theirs”, whereas it is not: it is ours.

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I'm not surprised


I'm not surpised, this is what happens when people ignore their tradition and vote for politicians and knesset. Jews voted for HaShem at Mt. Sinai for all generations and so that's exactly what modern-day Jews should be doing too.

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Parallel interests to lie


Both Jewish nationalist Baruch Marzel and police commissioner Dudi Cohen have the same interest in blowing the event out of all proportions. Marzel wants to look good, like someone who did something in the media and the police too, have the same interest. The question at this junction is: "What constitutes a "demonstration" and police's securing it? The answer is that the shepherding in a bus-load of teenies and a handful of adults, carrying Israeli flags for 30 minutes, is not, it is not a "demonstration" and claming that securing it is an achievement by the police are public relation exercises or, to put it more bluntly, transparent lies. I'm tired of being lied to and taken for an idiot. Readers tune in because they want to have a better understanding of what is reality, not to be told the same partisan fiction all day long. The truth is that there are no go zones in Israel where individual Jews and the institutions of the state of Israel are not allowed in and not present and when they try to go in their very biological lives are publicly threatened. Covering up this status quo does not serve the common interest.

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There is something wrong here


In this article Moshe Ronen states that:

"Should a journalist be sued, he must present the court with solid evidence and prove he uttered the truth. However, Israeli law does recognize people with extra rights: A Knesset member or minister enjoys immunity. He or she can say whatever they wish in the framework of their job and they cannot be sued, even if what they say is slanderous or highly defamatory."

This statement prepares the reader to expect a knesset member in the know to speak up.

Yet, Ronen places a labor knesset member, Shelly Yacimovich, in his list of people who knew but didn't speak. Why?

The obvious answer is that Ronen doesn't know how to write and instead of making his point he points out that: not only she, the labor knesset member, didn't speak up, but did (not) do so because she considered her carrier more important than what she sees as the truth. The same reason the complainants kept silent for years, apparently.

Moral of the story is that I don't believe in extra rights to be granted to journalists: in Israel they are politically affiliated and part of the story. Just like this author shows us.

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If "The terrorists tried to detonate a heavy demolition charge of dozens of kilograms of explosives, and fortunately it didn't explode," is true, how can the prime minister declare that "The citizens' alertness and the police and security forces' quick response prevented a grave disaster."? One of this two statements has to be a lie, per definition. Then the prime minister carries on and says "The attempted terror attacks in the State of Israel continued and continue, originating among other places in the West Bank, where Hamas seeks to establish its infrastructure and status.", but he keeps silent about the fact that these very territories are currently controlled by his so called moderate, Shoa negating peace partner, Abbas, with whom he can talk, hug and finance with millions of dollars, weapons and good-will released terrorists. Sounds crazy? It does. Maybe because it is crazy. There is an urgent need for Jewish policies for a Jewish state and bringing in Barak to the new government doesn't go in this direction. Netanyahu can do it, but it doesn't make it right

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No Jewish answers here, nevertheless this is a courageous article by an establishment figure in politically correct times. I wonder what his take is on Iran.

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Police on high alert after terror attempt


The very concept of "Police on high alert after terror attempt" is wrong. It is wrong technically because bombings are to be prevented, that is fought against before they occur, not after. This implies planning and the use of all known and budgeted for prevention techniques to the full, without paying any attention to political considerations, to pressure from within and from without, aimed at "providing better living conditions" for the enemy population. We know full well that loosening up on security provides a window of opportunity for terrorists to attack and no “happy Clinton” justifies such a move. This is where morality comes in. It is morally wrong to take into account the well-being of our enemy population, wherever it is located, in Haifa or in the Galilee or in Azza or in Jerusalem or in Judea or in Efraim or in the Negev: Jewish lives are to be protected, whatever it takes and whatever the "world" says or does. Unfortunately it seems that it is not done at present, it very much looks as if efforts are made to please the “international community”, even at the cost of putting our own soldiers’ lives in serious danger and even if the results of this behavior can be predicted, based on hard evidence: world-wide anti-Jewish sentiment will rise when we appear to be losing and just like tigers smell blood, Jew- and G-d haters are triggered by the perceived weakness of the Jewish people.

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We shoud obey G-d


We should obey G-d, not the Golden Calf building democratic riffraff. That is the sense of this weeks parsha and if certain rabbinate lacks the wisdom or the courage or the willingness to say so, at the end it will be their problem, not only of the Jewish people. Democracy has nothing Jewish to it, in fact the opposite is true, and the Schechter so called "Rabbinical" Seminary would be better off recognizing its contradictions.

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Report itself is racist as it separates Jewish attacks from Arab ones, taking them out of context. Report fails to mention that "Arab citizens" do not recognize Israel Jewish and that entering Arab villages by Jews is considered life-threatening whereas Arabs shop comfortably in Jerusalem malls. Arab buses do not take Jewish passengers.

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Attacking arabs in Israel is not "racist". It is self defence against a hostile minority with nationalistic aspirations. Arabs to Arabia, Jews to Judea!

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Why "show intended for Russian-speaking population" is repeated twice? Aren't they Jewish and if they are not aren't they kept to hold to the standards of the Jews in Israel? Why were they imported at the first place, if they form a separate and not integrated and not integrating population? Isn't Israel meant to be a Jewish country? Why only religious Jews can have no country of their own? Xtians have their vatican city, muslims their mecca, only Jews are stepped upon and kept away from their culture and are not allowed to pray on their holiest site, on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem. Only the goyim are allowed to enjoy themselves in Jerusalem? Why?

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The halacha Jewish Law


The halacha on this is that we are forbidden to over-pay for a hostage. Olmert's decision therefore is in line with Jewish Law. When however an evil person performs a good deed, we assume he does so for evil reasons. So, no compliments to Olmert.

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Are they all Arabs?


The other day was warm and sunny here, in the occupied territories, where I live to "possess" and to "settle" my G-d given Holy Land. So, the windows of the huge UN SUV were open and, queuing in the traffic jam, I could clearly hear the Arab looking driver talking Arabic to an Arab looking passenger. So, I shouted to them: Are you Arabs?, and the European looking official with fancy designer glasses sitting at the back seat said "Yes". So I told him: "You see, that's why the Jews don't trust the UN".
The fact is that there are lots of huge UN vehicles trafficking between Jerusalem and Ramallah, Jerusalem and Shechem, on Route 60. On that road I have never ever, ever, ever seen one driven by a man wearing a kippah. Something tells me that they are pro-Arab, that they are against the Jews. Is it possible? Can religious Jews get a driver's job at the UN in Israel?

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"This sector is normally very quiet"


There is no such thing as a quite sector, Professor Kaatbi. If you think that there are, you better do some other work not involving the security of the Jewish people, like plumbing. In Exodus 17:16 Moshe says "For the hand is on the throne of G-d: Hashem maintains a war on Amalek, from generation to generation."

As far as using dogs is concerned (the published photo shows army dogs on the scene), 1.) you don't use them with muzzles, that may be a ”politically correct" use in walking your dog in the center of town, but not good when you are fighting a war with them; 2.) you don't use them only after an attack, you use them before, for regular patrol, as a preventive measure.
As a volunteer canain unit we did so in Kfar Tapuah and other yishuvim until 3 years ago, when the police came and shut down our kennel and the army arrested our dogs declaring them "terrorists". This is how I lost my lovely Belgian shepherd, "Izzy", with whom I patrolled the perimeters of the yishuv at night, free of charge, out of the understanding that there are no quite sectors and no quite times and out of the conviction that trained dogs with their trained handlerers are the best way to prevent attacks, not just follow them up once the damage has already been done. The authorities, evidently, don't see it this way and closed us down and took the dogs. So, I accuse the police and army chiefs with personal and direct responsibility for this and future attacks, in as much as it is they who prevent prevention and the formation of civilian patrolling of the territory, with trained dogs. This particular attack could have been prevented, if only people in key positions decided to want to prevent them, and not just act upon it, once the damage is already done.
It also is very important to arm people, 16 or 18 years and older.

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On "The "Sin Of The Golden Calf"


The Golden Calf episode probably is more relevant to us now than in any other period of our national history. Why? Because today we are a people re-possessing and re-settling Eretz Israel, our G-d given, Holy Land and there are two ways we can do it, the right Torah way and the wrong way. As we are currently doing it the wrong way it is essential that we correct ourselves, and the first step to tsuva is to recognize that there is a problem, by raising the issue: our leaders don't lead us and our rabbis are silent or corrupt as well. Hashem removed the tzadikim from our midst and we are on our own, left alone to choose between right and wrong: a separation mechanism put into place, hopefully, before the redemption, bezrat Hashem.

So, in this context, what the Golden Calf episode has to teach us? Very simple. That when the Jewish people loose sight of the framework of their divine mission, that is the "we will do and we will understand" principle, they will stray away and sin. What is implied? That the Jewish "political" power-structure is of a "from up to down" type, whereas Jews who loose this prospective will adopt and practice the nations' "from down to up" power flow, a Hellenistic, democratic type system, demos meaning people and cratos power - in Greek. Jews supposed to believe in Hashem-power. That's why Moshe's battle cry is: .."Whoever is for Hashem, join me!" (Exodus 32:26) If we are for Hashem, we have to join Moshe and if not, well, the Golden Calf. The democratic process supported by the voting of many Jews today, is a Golden Calf. Or, the other way round, the Golden Calf is not just an object to be burned, ground, solved in water and then drank, but a way of operating that allows people's decisions to override that of Hashem. As Jews we should fight this in every way we can. Understanding a sinning individual is one thing, justifying a sinning nation is another.

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The Golden Calf episode


In this week's parsha the Golden Calf episode relates to us directly today in as much as it is the description [of] and warning the Jewish people against - democracy. The Jewish "political" power structure is based on Hashem, our G-d, and on His Divine Law given us by Moshe Rabinu. A "from up to down" flow. When the Jewish people lose sight of this basic principle, like they do today, they replace it with a "from down to up" flow, with democracy, a Hellenistic process meaning people-power. Democracy may be good for the nations, for the Jews it is a major sin.

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There is a symbolism here


Look at the photo and keep looking at it. What do you see?

There is a symbolism here, the symbolism of a lie. Of a big and historic lie. Let me explain.

On the one hand, everybody knows that the Torah at one point defines homosexuality an abomination and in another point punishes it with the death penalty. There is a whole section dealing with Sodom, a town Hashem, our G-d, destroys because of the immorality of its inhabitants. I could quote the exact lines of the Holy Text, but this is not my intention here, this is not a siur or a religious dissertation.

On the other hand, we see three gay men posing in front of the court-house in Tel Aviv, Israel, in their joyous moment of what they call a historic victory: the gay couple, two gay men, were allowed to adopt a gay boy and now Ynet’s very own Vered Luvitch calls them “The now official Even-Kama family”.

Now look at the photo again and zoom in above the left ear of the oldest looking gay man who stands on the left (on the right of the photo). You'll see the Emblem of the State of Israel of which the T.A. court is part of. The main decorative element on the emblem is the Menorah. The Menorah is a Jewish religious symbol, it is described in detail in the Torah and it is used as a furnishing in the Mishkan and in the First and Second Temples until it got carried away (stolen) from the destroyed city of Jerusalem and from its destroyed Temple by the winning Roman Emperor, Titus, in 70 e.v.

The fact that on Menorah-stemmed official stationary, sitting in Menorah-decorated court-rooms Israeli judges write their sentences that have nothing to do whatsoever with anything Jewish, with what the Menorah symbolizes, sentences that in many cases like this even go outright against most basic Jewish values, tradition and Torah concepts, this deception, this lie - cannot leave us indifferent.

There is nothing Jewish about a homosexual couple adopting a homosexual boy in the Land of Israel and a sentence approving it makes the court issuing that sentence wholly un-Jewish and thus the State of which it is a part of, an un-Jewish State, per representation. Un-Jewish and anti-Jewish sentences cannot be written on stationary that carry Menorahs.

This is nothing short of desecrating a religious symbol, an action that carries a criminal penalty in this country. These judges, sitting under the Menorahs of the court-houses of the country, by writing anti-Jewish sentences are writing the story and the history of a State that is, by their making, is not-Jewish. This is another codified crime: treason!

Because of this, those who wish and pretend to live in a Jewish State, namely the non voting public, nearly 40% of Israelis, do have a case and a cause and must not be silenced. Jews have a most basic Jewish right to to live in a Jewish State! For more see www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com, www.jewishyisrael.org

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Not good


Not good. Halacha (Jewish Law)forbids the view of naked women. Yet, there is no moral and ethical public outcry against synagogue-demolishing officers or against demolishers of Jewish homes without a reason in the middle of the night. Well, the first is a consequence of the second and once one turns his back, as the Israeli military did and does, to Jewish values, the downslide to lowness becomes a way of life and of course we will be punished for it. So, when the punishment comes, don't be surprised and don't say you didn't know.

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Re: 1 "absolutely a perfectly beautiful story"

Georgian girl, "Miriam", makes emergency aliyah for her liver transplant. Here she is posing with her mother, brother and with the depatment head, Dr. Eitan Mor, who saved her life. (A Rabin Medical Center photo)


Sure it is # 1, saving a Jewish life is as saving a whole world. But, there is a but. In Israel there is a shortage of livers to be transplanted and, as a consequence, there is a waiting list. Miriam Kisishvili, as sweet of a very Jewish girl as she may be, in pants and holding hands with her doctor on the photo published, have, per definition, knocked an Israeli off from the # 1 position on the waiting list. Why? Did Dr. Eitan Mor fall in love with her? Does he have the power to choose between life and death by changing eligibility criteria on the waiting list? Is he a hero or a criminal? I happen to have a friend who is waiting for a new liver. He is not female, not good-looking and not 19 years old. He is a religious Jew with a kippah on his head. He would certainly not hold his doctor’s hand in adoration. Is his life put at risk by what it seems like an unruly, maybe illegal, and private management of the waiting list? Who decides and how - who's life to save?

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It is interesting to see how everyone is obsessed with political part-ies. As if Deut. 17:14-15 was never written: "When you come to the Land that Hashem, your G-d, gives you, and possess it, and settle in it, and you will say, "I will set a king over myself, like all the nations that are around me," You shall surely set over yourself a king, whom Hashem, your G-d, shall choose; from among your brethren shall you set a king over yourself; you cannot place over yourself a foreign man, who is not your brother". As if we were free to participate at will in the Hellenistic, so called democratic process, instead of focusing on what we should be doing as Jews: on building Beit HaMikdash in Yerushalaim, on establishing our Torah institutions, the King, the Sanhedrin and just courts in every village. Is knesset ..a king that Hashem, our G-d, choses? No! So, let's get on with our real duty!


Aviner again

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Ynet, stop pushing aviner. He is a widly contested "rabbi" at best and what he says does not matter. See http://shlomo-aviner.blogspot.com in English, www.aviner.net in Hebrew. As far as leaving Eretz Israel for any reason other than 1. marrige, 2. parnassa and 3. Torah study, the halacha is clearly prohibitive. The bottom line is that the Rabbis who still chose to live in Poland are in need of a good rabbi themselves, someone capable to explain to them the priorities of the Torah.