The fact is


The fact is that xtians have Vatican City and many states where xtianity is the official religion, that muslims have Mecca and many states where islam is the official religion. Only to Jews it is still forbidden to have a state on their own, even in the heart of their G-d given Holy Land, in Judea and in Samaria, as the modern State of Israel is "democratic" and essentially atheist in its institutional, political, religious and cultural manifestations. Some Jews are indeed on the Land now but, as Jews, they remain stateless: the very "election" is an alien concept to Judaism. We voted for Hashem, in Mt. Sinai, for all generations. Accept it or not, like it or not, Jews are meant to be the loyal royalists of The One G-d, of The King Of The Universe. This is why they are hated, because it is not a "rational" position. In conclusion, to remove the "religious threat" from Israel and its atheist establishment the best way is to give the Jews Judea and Samaria and let them defend themselves: no Tel Aviv, Ramat Gan boys need to sacrifice 3 years of their lives to defend their non-brothers in their IDF uniforms in the "territories". as they are committed, the Jews there want to do it and could do it a lot better.

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It seems to me


It seems to me that this analysis is only partially correct. It seems to me that the jihadist enemy was not defeated, even if it could have been. A question of the glass half full or half empty? Not if you consider the just-before-elections timing of the "op". It seems to me that this operation was designed to re-establish Barack ooops Barak, Livni & Olmert, the Israeli leg of the BLO-PLO establishment as a credible force to recon with. On the same token: isn't it strange that no one talks about the expired Abbas mandate?

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Israel is the only.. any suggestions?


"Israel Is The Only Demoncracy In The Middle East"

"Israel Is The Only Mediocracy In The Middle East"




Distinguishing between good and evil is a value. A Jewish value. So much so that hating evil is a mitzvah (a positive commandment). Not having finished hamas off three weeks ago is a disaster in general and a Jewish disaster in particular. You know Ronny, some things are simple in life and writing complicated articles about them makes the author sound like one of these pompous politicians who are so far removed from anything Jewish that they can’t think strait anymore: the Arab guys who run Azza now are Jew hater terrorist killers, not a political force to teach lessons to. It’s either them or us and so they, their women and their children have to be killed. If not, they’ll come back to hunt us. This may not sound politically correct, nevertheless it is correct: America saved hundreds of thousands of lives by dropping its bombs on Hiroshima and on Nagasaki. The same way, an early morning surprise over Teheran could avoid for us lots of problems later on.

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I'm an obstacle to peace


Excellent Bones, right on the whatever. Bring it to next step and ask "what you call a Jew if he lives in Benjamin, in Efraim or in Judea? Well, call him a settler or indeed an obstacle to peace. Just like myself. I'm an obstacle to peace! Hm.

- This is a comment I left on "Speaking Terms", a Dry Bones cartoon.


Why didn't you sit in over Sderot?


Why didn't you sit in over Sderot? You had 8 (eight) years and a semester to do so! thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com

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At least this one will not be blamed on religious extremists


We don't burn cars on Shabbos :-)

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Is Mitchell in search to buy corrupt traitors?


Let me understand. There is a special envoy for the Middle East of the "quartet", Tony Blair. The "quartet" is composed of our good friends and allies the UN, EU, USA and Russia. They're all known for their intense and historic love of Jews. Now, the fact that Obama sends Mitchell to us [instead of Pollard] - does it mean that he wants to render Blair and his efforts and the “quartet” illegitimate? Or is it just a simple way to channel more American taxpayers' dollars into middle-eastern Mafiosi's pockets?

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No, the sad truth is..


No, the sad truth is that Netanyahu will give away more Land more easily for more terror than Livni. There is no way now to stop the destruction of the Democratic Republic of Israel. Hopefully, G-d willing, from this ugly and corrupt Zionist State seed will grow the beautiful Torah Kingdom plant that with its functioning Har HaBait on the Temple Mount and with our Sanhedrin fully reinstated will be a shining light onto the nations. These are the institutions Jews told to establish in the Land and we said "Yes, we'll do" under Mount Sinai, where Hashem elected us and we elected Hashem as our eternal King. New and periodic elections maybe good for the nations and for the Hellenists but if we want to survive as Jews we have to say NO to them. At a time when even our rabbis are silent, it is each Jew's individual responsibility to maintain our ancient way and keep our ancient Land [Jewish]. See thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com, jewishyisrael.org

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UN cars


Boycott UN cars and mega wagons to go through Jewish areas of the Land of Israel. They drive like crazy and don't respect pedestrians' human rights.

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Mitchell said


- Mitchell: "people create conflict and people can end conflict. I've seen it happen in Ireland."
- ABY: Ireland is different Mitchell. This is the Holy Land of the Jews and no un-G-dly solution will do.

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1/5 consuption, 1/10 polution?


Maj.-Gen. Galant


- Maj.-Gen. Galant: "In Gaza op we showed we won't allow anyone to dispute our presence in this land"
- ABY: Great achievement general, congrats! [ironic]

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I'm sorry to say but he is right: Israel failed again to win (End)


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Fire Ashkenazi


- Lieutenant-General Gabi Ashkenazi: "My brother warriors, it was your operational capabilities, tenacity, execution, courage and spirit which enabled these impressive achievements"
- Oh, nononono! It was the mercy of Hashem blessed is He. Official Israel is soffocating in its arrogance.

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Our Founding Values: Religious vs Secular Ideology


These famous people express only their own, bankrupt, left-of-center political views and they don't need to write talkbacks: they get interviewed anyway and their voices are widely heard.
Historically and per definition this left-of-center view has nothing to do with reality. It has to do with political opportunism.
What's interesting is that the religious public at large in Israel has a much better understanding of reality, even if their minds are trained to contemplate the spiritual, what is not immediately visible.
In my opinion this is because through the study of our holy books, through what the seculars call "religious" education, they are more familiar with our origin, history, goals and required behavior-pattern as individuals and as a nation. Seculars are in Israel, because of the Holocaust and because of the United Nations Partition Plan in 1947. Jewish Jews are here because Hashem gave us this Land to possess and to occupy 4000 years ago. As a consequence of this the modern political difference between secular and religious lies exactly here: for Israel's seculars the Arabs are the native population, with rights. For the religious public, they are only strangers on our G-d given Holy Land and with whom we have to deal with according to Torah Law.
They know that however we look at it, our Jewish-specific values as a nation are to be found in the Torah and not in the man-made imaginary world of trans-national socialism.

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Yet, the IDF is allowed itself to be used for anti-Jewish activity, like destroying synagogues and Jewish houses in the Holy Land. They harassed Jewish women, children and elderly and participated in beating up Jewish youth. So, the question is this: can the IDF be considered a "Jewish" army?

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Very good idea [ironic]


A very good idea of the defense ministry is to extend the "humanitarian recess" an extra hour as from today. As the Arabs use the humanitarian pause to fire katyusha and grad rockets on Israeli civilians, just like they did in the past 8 years, now they have a chance to do it more and better. It seems a very good way to win the war. (Just because the nations, the EU and the USA, are financing our mortal enemies, it doesn't mean we too have to help them!)

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Free Jonathan Pollard!


Free Jonathan Pollard!

This Golden Oldie is from January 1989.

As [Yaakov Kirschen] writes this (in January of 2009), "the anti-terrorist war in Gaza is raging on, and (other than Hamas-supplied propaganda videos) we have no idea about how the endeavor is progressing ...so I thought, for today's Golden Oldie, I'd just check and see where we were twenty years ago this month.

Turns out that a President named George Bush had just taken office in the United States ...and it was time to release Jonathan Pollard (the cartoon speaks of the Pollards because, at that time, Jonathan's then-wife was also being held).

Exactly twenty years have gone by since I drew this cartoon. Another President George Bush is in office, Pollard is still a prisoner, and the stain on the American Justice system grows darker with the passing of time.

Free Jonathan Pollard!"


Democracy may be good for the nations, it is not for the Jews


The answer is simple. What makes Jews Jewish? The Torah. Because the Torah gives us a detailed institutional framework and instructions on how to run them, it is self-evident that every Jewish Jew should strive for this model. After all it is a simple question of doing mitzvot or not. Feiglin thinks right but acts bad, trying to use a political part-y and the Hellenistic knesset: no Torah can come from anti-Torah sources. Jew, let's vote for Hashem in Eretz Israel! How do you do this? By abstaining from anything that has to do with evil, with the Hellenistic regime. Rabbi Nataf, no, no compromise is allowed with evil! Distinguish: Bad is not the bride of Good!
PS: I am also so disgusted and fed up with all these smiling, Americanised, carrier rabbis. You see only thinking faces on the paintings of our rabbis of old! Why is this smiling epidemic? What's so funny? Assimilation?

- This is comment # 18 on "Jewish and Democratic" by one of these "rabbi"s. Oiveh



The fact that the leftist elite leaders of the secular State of Israel [the PLO of Abbas and the BLO (the Barak, Livni, Olmert trio) - they are the same and they need each-other to stay in power] chose to launch their military campaign now, forty days before elections to be held in Israel, indicates to me that they are desperate and that this military campaign in Azza is an election campaign and not a military one. If we accept this to be true, we should adjust our expectations accordingly: the "victory" will not be a military one against the hamas terrorist regime in Azza, but an electoral one of the PLO-BLO establishments. One of course is obliged to express solidarity to the Poor Jewish Soldier, who is forced to fight this “war” and risk his very life for nothing - as the re-election of these worthless "leaders" is nothing.

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Re: 26


There is evidence that hamas is under little pressure:
- They keep on firing rockets at Israel, hardly a sign of distress
- They feel safe, and rightly so, as civilians within the civilian population
- They know full well that this "op" is not a military campaign but an electoral one, unfortunately, for the PLO and for the BLO, Barak, Livni, Olmert: they are the same and they need each-other

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Yet here, Aloni is right


I have no sympathy for her, for her views and for her reasons. Yet here, she is right. This is not a military campaign. This is an election campaign. Barak and his leftist establishment people let Sderot women, children and elderly men suffer for eight years until they finally decided to act - when it was the right time for them, not for the people they are called upon to serve! Scum, that's what they are, power-sick, de-railed people.

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I don't want


I really don't want to seem boring by complaining here all the time, but calling this piece "Part 2 of analysis" sounds very much like an overstatement. I understand that Ron has to earn his keeping by submitting to the editor 600 plus word units at the time to be published, but authors of "analysis" should be able to offer an incentive to their readers to read through all their words, something we might want to call a "content", that is more than the immediately obvious. The paragraph dealing with "mistakes" and "mishaps" is particularly pathetic, in as much as they might cost Jewish lives. Therefore no Ron, we should not "keep in mind" that a military campaign is "prone to mistakes and mishaps and unexpected developments". This country is paying through the nose for its defense in terms of human as well as economic resources and therefore we can expect a neatly executed "op". Unless the operation is an electoral one that is, in which case we can only expect disasters. Tzipy Livni mentioned in her CNN interview that we send in ground troops into Gaza in order to safeguard Arab lives. One of the questions any self-respecting “analysis” should have at least tried to give an answer to is precisely this: is it at all ethical for an army to risk its own solders’ lives in order to safeguard the lives of the enemy? In particular, is it moral to sacrifice Jewish lives to save Arab ones? And if the answer is an improbable "yes", then what is the limit, what is the casualty figure in the plans of Barak and Livni?

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Re: # 13 No Root Canal


You are absolutely correct, Jewish Refugee. But this is no military campaign, please G-d save our soldiers. This is election campaign and shows just how cynical these "leaders" are. They hold Sderot hostage for 8 years now, waiting for the right political timing for them! This "root canal" could be done entierly from the air! But no, these cowards have to risk Jewish lives to save Arabs. Scums! How many Jewish deaths are acceptable for Barak, Livni, etc. to ensure for themselves a fresh seat in the new knesset and in the government?

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No English speaking will ever convince the nations to love us. Strength could compel them to respect us.

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You are wrong again, Ron


With reference to the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Ynet "expert" Ron says: "Yet an IDF ground maneuver will force them to come out and fight". Wrong. You are wrong again Ron. As they are terrorists, Ron, they'll keep on hiding as civilians. They will not come out from hiding until AFTER the IDF leaves under international pressure and then they'll proclaim victory from behind another UN peace (and terrorist) keeping force. Want to bet Ron?

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Dov Weisglass


- Dov Weisglass in responding to operation: 'Thanks to Sharon we left that cursed land forever."
- ABY: You and your erev rav pals are cursed Dov, not any part of the Land of Israel! With Jews on that Land it was and will be blessed again, G-d willing.

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