It's as simple as 1,2,3


It is as simple as 1,2,3. Defense Minister Barak laid out the three objectives of the offensive: dealing Hamas a forceful blow, fundamentally changing the situation in Gaza, and bringing to the cessation of rocket attacks against Israeli citizens. Chances are that these objectives will not be met. I suggest the three real reasons are: 1. To re-elect Kadima and re-empower our own PLO, Peres, Livni and Olmert. 2. To replace Hamas in Gaza with Fatah in order to bring about the one state dissolution and 3. To give Gaza to "our" terrorists - the 'moderate' murderers under Abbas with whom the leftist Israeli establishment can negotiate away our existence.

Conclusion: no elections will ever make any difference here, in the Holy Land: only Hashem will and the best way to fasten this process is to stay away from the polling station. It is not desirable nor it is possible to re-form the State from the inside - as it has no form.

- This is comment # 16 on Sever Plocker's "Postpone elections to June"



The whole financial structure is fraudulent


The world financial system as a whole is fraudulent in as much as states borrow against taxes, which is a legalized "ponzi scheme". Not only. They also create money from nothing, not backed by anything, and then they sell it to the commercial banks at what they call base rate. The banks, in their turn, resell the nothing to their customers. Not only: Jewish law requires the assumption of one's responsibility for one's debt. Limited corporations do not. The whole idea of limited corporations is to avoid personal liability, a concept alien to Judaism. Why the rabbis don't talk about these burning issues? Because it is easier to take it out on the one scapegoat Jew Madoff?

- This is a comment sent in on "The Madoff Affair" to Aish.com's Jewish Ethics column, run by Rabbi Dr. Asher Meir.


I'm an obstacle to peace, thank G-d.


Down with the British, Jew, prepare for war of Magog! Oh and by the way, don't buy property there. If you have one, sell it and come home before they pass legal measures to limit your freedom and eventually to kill you, because you are a Jew.

- this is talkback #1 on Report: UK to advise citizens not to buy land in settlements

The Chanukah Message


Maybe the IDF cannot but the People of Israel with G-d's help CAN! Let's not repeat the Sin of the Spies

- This is talkback # 58 on Dudi Cohen's "Former general: Israel can't defeat Iran"


Money worth only the paper it's printed on


It works like this: the Bank of Israel prints the money on paper, or on plastic now, at an industrial cost that is irrelevant respect of the face-value printed on the bank-notes. It sells it to the banks at base-rate, expressed in percentage of the face-value. The price of money was reduced to 4.65% in November from 5.41% in October. I assume this is the price the pals too buy their shekels for. The difference between the sales price of the money and the industrial cost of its production is the profit of the Bank of Israel, practically a 5.41% non-tax tax on the economy. The banks sell the money to their clients, to you and to me at about double the price. The difference between the retail and wholesale price of the money is the profit of the banks. Sending shekels to the pals is a political problem, in as much as it helps them, not an economic one. There is no economic damage to Israel, in as much as the pals buy their shekels, at least I hope they do. Money-printing for the pals does not produce much inflation in Israel either, as they have their largely indipendent economy and buy limited amounts of supplies from Israel.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Gov't to rethink cash transfers to Gaza"

Umm al-Fahm


Umm al-Fahm is an Israeli town. It does not need to invite or disinvite Jews. Jews can, per definition, go there and walk up and down in its streets and squares without ethnic, religious, political, sex or age discrimination. The very fact that the Arabs threaten violence against right wing Jews is illegal and intolerable under the rule of law. If right wing Jews are not allowed to walk up and down freely in Umm al-Fahm, the de facto secession of the northern triangle can be considered completed: if it's a no go zone for Jews, it's not a part of Israel anymore.

- This is talkback # 7 on "Umm al-Fahm invites Jews ahead of rightist rally" and # 11 on "Police delay rightists' Umm al-Fahm march"


And again: Re: # 10-12 Ya'akov


1) I don't think I'm "creating a problem", I'm just expressing my opinion and if you, as many Feiglin followers, want to hear only your opinion, that really is your problem, in as much it qualifies you, not me.

2)You are right, as a Jew my reality is not what I see in front of my nose but what is written in the Torah (Deut. 16:18, 17:14, 19:1 for example). Bettering this world to me means to make it conform to Torah standard rather than bend the Torah to try to fit it into what you call “reality”.

3) Jews in Eretz Israel not supposed to vote for or to have a knesset, it's only an expression of man's arrogance and a rebellion against the Creator.

4) Why you guys say that acting in a Jewish manner is bad is a mystery to me: pull up your socks and learn!

5) Yes, our rabbis are in fault not discussing our present and new status in the Land.

- This is comment # 15 on Jason Gold's "A Message to Binyamin Netanyahu"

And again: Re: # 9 Shy Guy


I take your criticism seriously Shy Guy. I wish you were right and everything's black or white in a world of Zionists and anti-Zionists. However as I’m a simple Jew in Eretz Israel, a “settler” for some, to me reality looks different. My fear is that Feiglin will turn into the next Bassi or Sinai-giver-away-Begin or Hevron giver-away-Netanyahu, in as much as he is already DOING the exact opposite respect of what he is PREACHING. I fear Shy Guy, that you cannot turn the State of the [erev rav] so called Jews into a Jewish State the American way, because I think Shy Guy that you can only do it the right WAY, that is the Jewish way, that is the Torah way and so with Hashem's help, not against Him. I strongly believe that running or even voting for knesset is anti-Jewish, in as much as knesset itself is anti-Jewish per definition: not for what it DOES but for what it IS.

- This is comment # 14 on Jason Gold's "A Message to Binyamin Netanyahu"

I made aliyah from Italy


I made aliyah from Italy and I'd have a request [to make]: please don't think for a moment that Italians like Israel or Israelis or Jews. There may be a few exeptions, but I can testify that even the Federation of the Italia-Israel Friendship Associations, an officially pro-Israel group, was and is strongly in favor of "disengagement" and of "disengagements" for "peace". The only and small "pro-Israel" political party wants Israel to join the EU as if saying: you either like us or you're dead. In Italy there is only a handfull of people who think Israel has a right to exist and almost none of these because Israel is Jewish, but because it is "the only democracy in the Middle East". With other words, don't expect Esau to be Yacov, he is not. And there is no reason for Israelis to lick the boots of the Italians. Of course I have no comment on the Red X

- This is comment # 1 on Anav Silverman's "Italian MPs 'Sosta' in Sderot"

How can you?!


How can you Jason declare Feiglin "incorruptible" when he never held power? (???) Because he says so of himself? If he were really concerned about his slogan "turning the State of the Jews into the Jewish State", he'd fight for institutions prescribed for the Jews in Eretz Israel in the Torah, for a discontinuity with the institutions of the State as we know it. Why? Because it is based on a Hellenistic model, that is good for the nations, not for the Jews. Instead, he is running for one of the existing institutions, from which no Jewish reform can come as it is one of the Hellenists stronghold on this country. How's about this for corruption, of at least the Feiglin idea of "reforming from the inside? We know that the regime will never allow it. We've seen it all already. The only way for change is to disengage from “their” system and that means not voting. The rest is only vanity and opportunism. And believing in the existent.

- This is comment # 7 on Jason Gold's "A Message to Binyamin Netanyahu"


A pre-post-political message to Yosef


Hi Yosef,

With reference to your "Mazal Tov to Moshe Feiglin and Manhigut Yehudit!" [fb] group invitation I would like to invite you and fellow group members to - think. If Hashem wanted us to have a knesset at the first place, He would have given us a Torah that says "When you come to the Land that Hashem, your G-d gives you, and possess it, and settle in it, and you will say, "I will set a knesset over myself, like all the nations that are around me." You shall surly set over yourself a knesset..", in Deut. 17:14, instead of what it actually says there. Democracy may be good for the nations but the Jews in Eretz Israel are meant to do a different thing: we are told to establish Jewish institutions here, not Hellenistic ones. There is no reform that can come from knesset, because knesset itself is there to prevent the Jews from being Jewish on their own Land. The State is not re-form-able in as it doesn't have a - form. The choice is between participation and no participation.


Ronny is 100% right [ironic]


Of course Ronny is 100% right. If we didn't have an Israel to defend, there would be peace. Peace of the cemetery? Yes of course, but who cares? We want peace, and peace is peace! If we didn't have a Torah, if we were all "secular", like Ronny, we would be exactly like the nations, just a nation amongst the many and they wouldn't have any reason to hate us. The Jews wouldn't have enemies, as they themselves would be just like them, their enemies. So, the best way to peace is to beat the hell out of a Jew, any Jew, who cares about his Torah. He who hates his Jewishness, like Ronny, is the best way to peace: let's do everything possible to be just like the goyim, let's drive on Shabbos and let's eat cheeseburgers on the festivals! The Jew is the obstacle to peace. Why? Because he insists of being – different. So, let's go and get rid of him! Let’s organize an Israeli pogrom police and let’s unleash it on Torah-Jews. Or, as Borat put it: "My country has a problem and the problem is the Jew: Let's throw the Jew down the well, so that my country can be free..". Hm, sounds familiar, doesn't it? Barak, Olmert, Livni and all the Rons out there, you're 100% right! Let's give Israel over to Palestine, as the map shows on the wall of Mr. Moderate Abu Mazen's office! That’s a great peace plan for you all, Torah-less, Jew-hater geniuses!

-this is comment # 24 on Ron Ben-Yishai's "Is worst yet to come? Evacuating Hebron house was easy; containing violence of Jewish radicals a tougher task"

I can't believe this!


I can't believe this! "Security" forces beat up dozens of Jews who are there to defend a Jewish cause, injuring some of them seriously, and you guys reporting on a Haaretz photographer who is there for money? Did you publish the names of the Jews ended up in hospital because of the attack on them by the Israeli “security” forces? If not, why not? Are you aware that this technique is known as dehumanization? Are you a propaganda outlet or a newspaper?!

- This is talkback # 17 on Tal Rabinovsky's "Soldier assaults photojournalist in Hebron"


On the Hebron eviction


So now, that Israel proved itself a "law" respecting democracy (once again by attacking its Jews), just like any normal country, I wonder how many thousands of its Arab subject sit in fear in their living rooms in the villas they constructed without a permit? Will they too face tear gas and stun grenades in this very just and necessary effort to remove them to legality, or will the government provide some political arrangement for them and a credible-sounding explanation for the public?

- This is Talkback # 28 on Efrat Weiss' "Hebron evacuation completed within hour"