Olmert praising Indians


Ah, enough of this nonsense already! Even they themselves described their own operation "helpless" and "clumsy". There is not one thing olmert can get right, not one! And Tzipy sitting right next to him and says yes, yes.

This is TB # 2 on Ronen Medzini's "Israel praises Indian rescue efforts"


OU may deserve a new dose of Jewish Ideas


The OU may deserve a new dose of authentic Jewish Ideas. Can this come from the present, keen to balance everything out Board and Management? The moneys from the Jewish Agency seem to be buying the organization's silence on relevant Jewish issues and on US and Israeli government policies opposing anything authentically Jewish. Also, if lightbulbs were changed in the Israel Center building and toilettes didn't stink.. Oh, just dreaming

- This is Comment # 6 on Hillel Fendel's "OU Called to Task for Lack of Judea/Samaria Speaker"

RE: # 4 Terry


Yes Terry, there is something to be said about Feiglin: he wants to bring Torah values and Torah-truth personel into knesset, forgetting that knesset itself is a Hellenistic institution serving foreign, Hellenistic interests. The only way (Feiglin's slogan) "To turn the State of the Jews to the Jewish State" is to push for authentic Torah institutions, not by partecipating in the game and in the games of the secular. Knesset and Supreme Court are just two of these secular's games and they have nothing to do with Torah and with Judaism.

This is TB # 32 on Amnon Meranda's "Bibi warns Likud members not to back Feiglin"


Gabi Ashkenazi, go and uphold the law at the Herskowitz


Gabi Ashkenazi, go and uphold the law at the Herskowitz house in J.em. There, Arab squatters are occupying the Jewish owned property, house and land, and the court order to evacuate the Arabs are refused by the police, claiming shortage of manpower. Go and help THEM out first, Gabi - It is very important that we uphold the rule of law - Ashkenazi!

- This is TB #22 on Hanan Greenberg's Army chief: We must uphold rule of law in Hebron


I had brit milah at 47 and I'am very proud of it.


I had brit milah at 47 and I'am very proud of it: reconnected with my people. A week of pain, well worth it.

This is TB 47 on Yigal Rom's "Child circumcision to be banned in Denmark?"

"High" court


- Dichter: "Disputed Hebron house will be evacuated"

- ABY: "High" court will be evacuated, with G-d's help

This is TB # 24 on Efrat Weiss' "Dichter: Disputed Hebron house will be evacuated"

Let's not forget


Let's not forget that these demolitions do not take place in a vacuum, as claimed by the leftist establishment and by the security forces, “in defense of legality”, but in an ethnic competition (war on Jews) for the Land. That is why punishing Jewish "illegal construction" institutionally appears to be anti-Semitic, in as much as thousands if not tens of thousands of Arab structures built illegally are allowed to stay in place unharmed and intact.

- this is comment # 4 on Maayana Miskin's "Clashes Follow Destruction in Neve Tzuf"




Another general without kippah and without G-d, another general with an extreme-left political agenda. He clearly is a danger to the Jews. To Jewish Jews, that is.

- this is talkback # 25 on 'Assad ready for peace, if he gets what he wants'


Two good blogs on bridge


Two good blogs on bridge:




- This is TB # 21 on "Barkat to consider bringing down J'lem bridge"


Democracy vs Judaism


"Democracy" is "People's Power" as demos means people and cratos means power: in Greek. It is an intrinsically Hellenistic system that is the exact opposite of what Judaism stands for: Hashemcracy. Now, if this sounds extreme to you, think of Rosh Hashana, one of the most observed of Jewish holidays. At Rosh Hashana we declare Hashem King. Not big brother, not uncle, not friend, not benefactor: KING. A king is a "political" figure and we attribute sovereignty to Hashem. That's why Jews in Israel should have institutions compatible with Hashem's Torah, not with the bogus foreign boards of the democratic power-structure! Democracy may be good for the nations, Jews are meant to follow a different pass and not allow themselves to be divided into part-ies. That is why Jewish Jews don't vote, thank G-d.

- This is TB # 9 on Amnon Meranda's "Interior minister: Low voter turnout rate to distort results"


Have you ever wondered?


Have you ever wondered why secularist politicians put kippas on their heads in "solemn" occasions? To cover up their distance from and hostility to Judaism?

- This is TB # 32 on Rabin memorial: Olmert calls for concessions in Jerusalem


They know


It seems that they, the extreme leftist establishment, know there will be violence. They are beating their drums for weeks now. If there will be violence, it will be a result of the work of shabak agents and pogrom police provoking Jewish Jews and Jewish Values. The extremist disengagers are looking for disorders [in order] to win the next election. It didn't work last time, it won't work now. They are only erev rav (mixed multitude) with no Jewish sense of Torah of Israel, People of Israel and Land of Israel.

- This is TB # 19 on Ronen Medzini's "Ben-Eliezer: Next political murder right around the corner"


Thought police and "because I fear"..


Thought police and "because I fear".. Stalinists in the government want their political adverseries behind bars: "We must locate, register and arrest the radical elements, search for weapons in their homes and property, because I [left wing extremist Yuli Tamir] fear they may be in possession of arms and may use them to carry out the next murder, and third, change the legislation on incitement."

- This is TB # 11 on Roni Sofer's article, "Shin Bet chief warns of political assassination"