The bottom line


The bottom line is very simple: voting is sustaining Israel's "democratic" system. Unnecessary. Why? Because Jews have already voted for Hashem's Law in Sinai and any further vote can only lead to new "new testaments". Let's accept Torah Law and forget about voting for disgusting and arrogant man-made new legislation: it is the face of the tyrant today.

This is a comment on Batya's "The dangers of democracy"

Interview with Elisheva Federman


Pogrom at the Federman farm in Hevron

Re: # 30 That's precisely the issue


That's precisely the issue here "observer", over and above the humanitarian one presented by this family of newly created pogrom-victims: the Federmans.

For Jewish Jews the whole Land of Israel is per definition "legal" as the law-book of reference for them is the Torah (and related writings and comments of course). For the seculars the law-book of reference is the civil code. In my view civil war now will erupt because I don't think the G-d of Israel can tolerate such open, aggressive and public desecration of His Name. At the same time we know that the seculars are unable to moderate their appetite for power (See Altalena episode), so the scene is set for a confrontation.

- This is talkback # 39 on Efrat Weiss' "Rightists say all IDF soldiers 'should become Gilad Shalit'"

Olmert wants civil war in order to stay capo


This is talkback # 23 on Efrat Weiss' "Rightists say all IDF soldiers 'should become Gilad Shalit'"




I hate Shas prostitution and Torah blindness but Kaniuk's calling the religious "lazy bums" and "draft dodgers" and "ignoramuses who will grow up in huge families" is outright anti-Jewish hatemongering, that is a penal offence in most countries.

- This TB # 45 on Yoram Kaniuk's article "Yishai, how dare you?"

Sir Shimon,


Sir Shimon, I don't know if for a Jew in general and for a President of a sovereign Israel in particular becoming Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II's knight is an honor or an absolute disgrace.

- This is TB # 19 on Itamar Eichner's article "Peres to be knighted"

Social Engineers


Social Engineering and "People's Policy Planning" are failed leftist activities aimed against the Torah and the People of the Torah. Jews would be better off following Torah principles and Law: low taxation and tzadaka directly to the needy. Government operated what Della Pergola calls "infrastructures" are political intermediaries that always serve the interests of their operators rather than their needy customers'. I have a friend who has no house, no family, no money, none, no income, no meals, no transport, weared out shoes and clothing and there is no government agency to help him. Della Pergola, you should think twice before you sit down in front of your computer in your luxurious appartment to write an article about poverty you know nothing about.

- This is Talkack # 1 for Sergio Della Pergola's article "Payments for whom? - Instead of raising child allowances, government should provide better services"


The False Nation


"They provoked Me with a non-god, angered Me with their vanities; so shall I provoke them with a non-people, with a vile nation shall I anger them". (Deut 32:21)

I always believed that the "non-nation" Hashem tells us He will anger the Jews with were the so called "palestinians". But now I have my doubts. This false nation might very well be the Israelis themselves, their mixed multitudes (erev rav) in power, in as much as official Israel is "democratic" and "multi-cultural" and "multi-ethnic" and "western" and "gay and equal rights-ist" and thus substantially against anything and everything Judaism stands for: Torah Law and Torah Institutions and Torah Values for and by the Jewish People, in Eretz Israel.

- This was originally meant to be a talkback to Shaul Rosenfeld's Enmity and weakness in Akko. But ynetnews censored it. At least it seems like it so far.