Judaism and Democracy


Judaism has nothing to do with democracy. Wake up Jews and stop worshiping this modern day golden calf, that the State of Israel is.

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Over-extended media milage


The word "Sternhell" produces 34 results only on ynetnews.com: clearly an over-extended media milage. "Tovia Shtatman", the 9 yrs old Israeli Jewish, and let me add religious, kid stabbed by an Arab terrorist seven times in Yitzar little more than two weeks ago, returns zero results. Now let me say, and shout it out as loud as I can: this is dishonest reporting and ynetnews.com, if it wants its readers to take it seriously, should review and correct its editorial policy.

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Re: # 2


His real agenda is to stay alive in an arid land. Just like the hyacinth. He certainly preaches well but then brings all the Jewish nationalistic support he can lay his hands on into the non-Jewish and Jew-hater likud party. Did Hashem command us to divide ourselves into PARTies and elect ourselves a knesset that gives us our laws of the land? In Eretz Israel? NO WAY! He commanded us to follow HIS Law and to do mitzvot. The "party-political" game is entrancingly a Hellenistic one and Jews should keep themselves as far from it as possible. Read your Torah, Moshe Feiglin and stop wasting our time (and the money of some) on your nonsense. Fight for Torah institutions! It's not too late. Democracy may be good for America, for the nations, but we Jews, in Eretz Israel, are commanded to do something else. (Not to mention the fact that the system has proved time and again that it is insensible to attampts of inside reform).

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Jewish Judea would strengthen Israel


1.The Jewish claim on the "West Bank" is as strong, if not stronger, as that on Tel Aviv or Haifa.

2. A Jewish Torah State in the "West Bank" would actually protect Israel against terrorists.

3. The Jewish people are told by the Torah to occupy the whole Land of Israel, not just parts of it.

- This is comment #15 under Muki Dagan's article entitled "Separatist settler camp emerging in West Bank threatens Israeli democracy". It is interesting to see how strong language (and negative analysis) emerges the moment Jewish identity, pride and determination become visible to the larger public.


Soon Olmert will not say anything in public


Olmert says "There will be no pogroms against non-Jews". Meaning he is for pogroms against Jews.

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This is the response "pastor" Tim White got to his facebook friends request:

Your Facebook friends request to Ariel Ben Yochanan
Between Tim White and You
Ariel Ben Yochanan

September 10 at 8:39pm

Tim, thank you for your Facebook friends request, but I'm not your friend: From a small and insignificant pseudo-Jewish sect 2000 years ago, xtians evolved into a major group of evil-doers and persecutors of my people. It is a miracle we survived you. If you really care about G-d's will and/or about the Jews I'd suggest you look into the Noahide faith, to G-d's instructions to the nations. See www.noahide.org and www.noahide.com

Your missionary efforts amongst the Jews are despicable and of course I don't wish you well. I trust the Creator will punish you for it, in hell for eternity.

Ariel Ben Yochanan
Kfar Tapuah
Eretz Israel

Tim White
Add as Friend
Today at 12:25am
Report Message

... and here is his answer:

Ariel, thank you for your honesty. I would much rather have someone tell me their honest oppinion of me than to be dishonest. I will check into the web sites that you recommend as I am not familiar with them. Since I have always been a supporter of Israel - I have not met anyone of Jewish faith with such sarcasm and bitterness towards my personal faith. I had the privilege of living in Jerusalem while going to graduate school as a young man and developed a deep love for Israel and its people. You sound as though you have a fine education so I am sure that you are aware that not all Jews express their faith alike and neither do christians. I am sorry for any persecution that you or anyone else has received in the name of Jesus Christ. I do not belive that this is consistent at all with his teaching or way. Especially since he was a jew and so was the apostle Paul. I for one do not believe that I can convert anyone to become a Christian instead I focus on trying to serve and help people because that was his way and is the heritage that I try and pass on to my church and my large extended family. I began my quest on facebook to learn from other religions so that I can treat them with more respect when my only grandson moved with his parents (my daughter and son in law) to a very poor country to live with and help children and families living in a city dump. After my son in law was shot at - and my daughter robbed at knife point I felt compelled to try and make friends with people on this planet with whom I might disagree. I feel this even more intensily because I am a religious leader and have the opportunity to often meet political leaders. We have a lot of disagreements and injustices that need to be addressed through heart felt honesty as you display in your letter but if we do not have a ground to communicate and some respectful friendships than the only level of communication that nations defalut to is war. I have seen war first hand and witnessed what it can do and am not entirely naive. I know sometimes it is necessary. And I have generals and other military leaders in my church. But my job as a pastor not a warrior - as I understand it is to reach out and try and build some bridges of communication unless I want my grandchildren to grow up in a world which at times such as the holocost can be hell on earth. There are too many ethnic cleasnsings taking place even today and unless common people can find the best in each of our religions the highest ideals in how we treat one another than I believe we have not lived up to our responsiblity.

You may not be my friend, but I would still like to be yours.

Pastor Tim White (wacathedral.org)


Moshe Rabbinu's cause in this week's parsha


William, I ignore your Moshe Feiglin Facebook support group invitation, not because I don't agree with what Moshe Feiglin is saying, but because I don't agree with what Moshe Feiglin is doing. Siphoning good Jewish energies away from the cause of the Jews into the likud party and thus in support of a parliamentary system in Eretz Israel in my view is nothing short of criminal. I counter-invite you to consider this: Moshe Rabbinu gives us specific instructions vis-a-vis what institutions to set up on the Land and how to run them in the Torah, actually two of them right in this week's [Shoftim] parsha: Kingship and courts of justice with "officers" to enforce the Law. As Jews, don't you think we should be doing this, instead of engaging in Hellenistic politics? I post this text on http://www.thetorahrevolution.blogspot.com/ and invite you to diffuse it as widely as you can. Jew, fight the cause of Moshe Rabbinu, not Moshe Feiglin's!


Hot water


We are the only nation in the whole world for Heaven's sake, lucky enough not having to invent the hot water every time: it's all there for us and time and again we choose not to listen. The Torah gives us a specific institutional design we are called upon to set up in Eretz Israel. Why the Jewish people refuse to accept all the mitzvot is a mystery to me. We are angering Hashem with this senseless behavior. The same story over and over again. And then we have the chutzpa and complain that things aren't going the way they should. What a stupid, ignorant crowd! Where are the rabbis with a Torah vision? Why don’t they speak up? Democracy is an alien, Hellenistic system that may be good for the nations, but should have nothing to do with us! Arbitrary inventions and designs like the one this author puts forward is a parody of what we call wisdom. Wisdom for a Jew should mean the acceptance of the Torah, all of it, not just parts – or worst: none.

-This is comment #40 on Daniel Ashkenazy's "Time for political revolution"

Negotiating is against the Torah


"and Hashem your, G-d, will deliver them [our enemies who claim a right to our Land] before you, and you will smite them - you shall utterly destroy them; you shall not seal a covenant with them nor shall you show them favour." (Deut. 7:2)

-This is comment #14 on Roni Sofer's "Israel, Palestinians seek quick 'understandings'"