If we do not open our eyes


If we do not open our eyes by Ariel Ben Yochanan

You close your piece Moshe by saying: "If we do not open our eyes and reject these Christian groups and their money, we will all pay the price".Agreed! So, let me say to you and to your followers this: if we don't open our eyes and reject your attempt to siphon good Jewish energies to prop up your Likud fraction and by doing so a party-system that has nothing to do with Jewish tradition and with Jewish values and with the Jewish Law, if we don't reject your using us to support a Hellenistic system, than yes, we will all pay a heavy price. Where does the Torah tell us to divide ourselves into part-ies and elect ourselves a knesset of Jews and Arabs that sits in the morning and sits in the evening to give us laws that may or may not respect the Torah? Where in the Talmud you read about a "prime minister"? Come on Moshe, how can you call your movement "Jewish" and build Hellas with it?
With other words, if you don't recognize that what we need is institutional discontinuity, instead of the "democrtic change" you are proposing, you will not turn the State of the Jews into a Jewish State. the best you'll achieve is to turn the State of the Jews into a State of Feiglin. Should honest Jews want this? I bieleve not. Why? Because it is just another lie that has nothing to do with the State the Torah wants us to build. Democracy may be good for America, for the nations. The Jews are told to do something else. We are given three national mitzvot upon entering the Land: to appoint a king, to annihilate Amalek's seed and to build the Temple. There is no mention of "prime minister" and "knesset" and "likud" and "party". Stop confusing the Jewish People, Moshe!

This comment was first published at http://www.israelnationalnews.com/Articles/Article.aspx/8152 #2 and #4

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