We need a Torah State!


We need a Torah State! Comment # 11



- MZ: "..yet we are few in number compared to all of world Jewry, maybe 5-10%, and that's why we are not yet ready or able as a people to actualize a truly Jewish State.

- ABY(B): This is a typically democratic concept and we know that Judaism, Torah or Halacha has nothing to do with the size of popular support of an idea. What matters is: truth.That's why we MUST act in a way that promotes the respect of ALL applicable mitzvot. The return of Jewish masses to Eretz Israel before the declaration and under the State of Israel does present a new fact on the ground and it is reasonable to accept and indeed pray for a Jewish spiritual and institutional renewal (that is a “reoldal”).In my view this precisely is the challenge of Judaism in our times. Will we as a nation be able to act on our Torah and refund the Jewish kingdom run by Torah institutions the Torah way or will we limit our national life to ape the Hellenist goyim? In other words, will we chose to live or to die? We are commanded to live and I hope we will chose to do so.

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