To cure Israel's ills


This is talkback # 10 on ISI LEIBLER's article "Candidly Speaking: Enough of political perfidy". Unfortunately the Jerusalem Post allows only short comments so that the full presentation of an idea is impossible there. Pity.

To cure Israel's ills or what you call horse trading between the coalition parties, what we need is not a new and improved electoral system as you and others like Prof. Eidelberg suggest, but INSTITUTIONAL DISCONTINUITY, also know as "revolution". Your recepy you see is good and it would work anywhere else in the world. But in Israel, it would not. Why? Because Israel is on Eretz Israel and here G-d have disposed a special plan for the Jewish people. Yes, [I'm talking about] the Torah. The Jewish people have been given free will and can either do what is required from them in the Torah. Or can ignore it.

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