On approving giving Kuntar to the terrorists

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Uri Misgav is not Haim Misgav. The second is a wise Jew. This author is not. He lists a series of false propaganda elements and I wonder how can he or his editors aspect anyone to believe him. The first point he raises is that Kuntar is no longer a terrorist threat, after such a long jail term. False! The fact is that we don't, we can't know for sure. At best. There were reports saying that he will return to active terrorism, to killing Jews. At worst. Then Uri Misgav who is not Haim suggests that giving Kuntar to the terrorists will satisfy their hunger for Jewish blood. False! This has never happened before and won't happen now. Giving terrorists anything, including land, conveys just one single message spelled out in big block letters: the Jews are weak. And this message is deadly. We'll see this G-d forbid in the coming weeks and months. The symbolism of this case is devastating. But what hits harder than anything is the lack of Jewish vision: we are not supposed to pay unproportional rensoms. And the word "unproportional" here stands for: life.

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Devash said...

Excellent points. Where was our Pinhas, our IDF sharpshooter who would take upon himself to hide at the crossing point and take Kuntar out at his very brightest moment in full view of the TV cameras. His mother should have ended the day lighting a candle for her son, no less than the Goldwassers and Regevs.