No Other Deal? By Ariel Ben Yohanan (Andras Bereny)


This is comment # 9 on Yair Lapid's article in support of exchanging arch-terrorist Kuntar for two bodies

No Other Deal? By Ariel Ben Yohanan (Andras Bereny)

- Yair Lapid: "There’s no other deal"

- Ariel Ben Yohanan: Yes, there is - or better, there was: we could choose and win the 2nd Lebanon War, destroy hezb'allah and bring our boys home dead, or maybe alive at that time. But no, you leftist losers have decided that it is better to appease the goyim, lose the war and the boys with it.

The young soldiers and the reservists died for nothing in that conflict. For nothing!

- Yair Lapid: "Those who try to hint that they would do it better are lying"

- Ariel Ben Yohanan: You are lying Yair Lapid because you insinuate that this country, Israel, can have no better leaders than the ones you are paid to serve with your naked propaganda pieces. You are insulting ordinary intellect.

The fact Yair Lapid is that every Jew knows that there is a halacha (Jewish Law) on this that forbids us to pay too much ransom. Your arguing that giving a living Kuntar for two bodies is not an honest argument and hundreds of Jews and Israelis will G-d forbid pay the price for it as from tomorrow and in the coming years. G-d save the skin of poor Shalit now, apparently still alive.

Your reasoning, Yair Lapid is immoral precisely because it favors the dead against the living and we are commanded to choose life.

We urgently need a leadership that not only knows Torah but applies Torah. This includes leaving you alone in your corrupt and secularist Knesset and working for Torah institutions: expert judges, the Sanhedrin and a king. Your secularism Yair Lapid is leading the Jewish people to die. If we are to survive, we have to do away with you.

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