It may be interesting


It may be interesting what Mr. Feiglin has to say about the IDI report. On the other hand, it may not be. In the view of many his desire to "turn the State of the Jews into a Jewish State", by means of signing up good Jews to his Likud party fraction, is nothing short of fraud and should disqualify him from the mission. Why? Because Judaism is not democracy and democracy is not Judaism. The knesset is a democratic, not a Torah institution and therefore it will never produce a “Jewish State”. The best it can do is a democratic state. Do we want this? Personally if I wanted to live in a democratic state I'd have never made aliyah. So, what we need Mr. Feiglin, are not elections and democratic reforms in this country. They might work well for the goyim in the rest of the world. What is needed here is institutional discontinuity and the establishment of new, Torah institutions that rule on the Land according to Torah mechanisms: with G-d’s help yes, that will turn this State of the erev rav into a Jewish State!

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