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Ariel Ben Yohanan (Bereny) - was born in Hungary in 1956 to a secular Jewish family with important artistic traditions. He studied in Budapest and lived and worked in the UK, Italy and Israel. He was the youngest candidate for the Italian Senate in 1996 with an independent, specifically pro-Israel message directed against the European boycott of the Jerusalem 3000 celebrations.

More recently Bereny became religiously observant and in 2004 moved to a small village five kilometers (three miles) south of Shechem (Nablus).

Bereny’s thoughts and art focus on Torah themes, Jewish concepts and values.

Joseph - was one of the 12 sons of the Patriarch, Jacob. He was his father’s favourite son and his brothers hated him for this. They hated him even more for his dreams in which he saw himself as a ruler over them. In the second of two dreams involving them Joseph sees the sun, the moon and eleven stars bowing down to him. His father, equally aghast, asks: “What is this dream that you have dreamt! Are we to come – I and your mother and your brothers – to bow down to you to the ground?”

After being sold into slavery, Joseph rises to become viceroy of Egypt, second only in command to Pharaoh. In this capacity he is able to save not only Egypt from famine but also his family, the seed of the future Nation of Israel. On their reunification the brothers bow to Joseph and the Jewish sojourn in Egypt begins.

When the Jews eventually leave Egypt, they take with them the bones of Joseph and bury them in Shechem, in Eretz Israel, just a few short miles north of where “Yosef’s Second Dream” was painted and this text was written. Our Sages (Mesechta Sotah 13b) explain that it was from where Ya’aqov's family lived in Shechem that he was abducted by his brothers and sold into slavery, so it was to Shechem that his remains were returned.

One of the earliest casualties of the current Oslo War was Jewish control of Joseph’s tomb and Jews pray, here in Israel and throughout the world, that this horrible loss will shortly be redeemed.

“Yosef’s Second Dream” - is an acrylic on canvas measuring 30x40 cm, (roughly 12x16 inches), signed with an original Andras Bereny C.O.A. on the back.

It features two suns, two moons and twenty-two stars to represent the movement of bowing of the sun, moon and eleven stars. The dream is rendered in a sea of blue, white, silver and gold, representing the purity and extraordinary success of Yosef HaTzaddik (Joseph the Righteous), the material wellbeing of Egypt under his administration and the salvation of the Jews. A silver and gold haze represent the Ruach HaKodesh (Divine Inspiration) that according to Pirkei d'Rabbi Eliezer 39 rested on Joseph from his youth until his dying day.

Red often is a symbol of blood, violence and war. Here it represents the blood and the war that was and the blood and the war that will be fought for G-d’s glory, to recapture Joseph’s tomb and the entire Land of Israel from the occupying Amalekite invader.

“Yosef’s Second Dream” is a statement of faith, hope and trust that G-d will deliver us from the poverty and famine of our current Golden Calf state, of our misguided and misguiding "leaders" with the help of His righteous Messiah, may it come speedily in our time. Amen.

A limited edition of individually numbered art-prints on canvas or on museum grade paper as well as a posters edition are also on sale. For prices please contact the artist directly here or send an email to bereny@tin.it

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