Voting is a goy thing By Ariel Ben Yohanan (Andras Bereny)


Voting is a goy thing

By Ariel Ben Yohanan (Andras Bereny)

"Public representatives cannot be but loyal to their few tax-consumer sponsors rather than to the masses of their tax-payer electors".

I imposed auto-censorship on myself concerning Moshe Feiglin at least until the end of the Likud primaries in order not to hurt his campaign. But I recieved an email from one of his supporters that concludes: "Not supporting Moshe Feiglin means leaving all for Olmert to destroy, G-d forbid." Now, this phrase proved to be too strong of a provocation for me to resist. So, I wrote this:

The simple fact is that we don't have to improvise, the Torah tells us EXACTLY the institutional setup we should have in Eretz Israel. (see www.jewishyisrael.org)

I'm sure Moshe Feiglin is a good man, but I also think he is doing the wrong thing: Hashem doesn't ask us to elect good men who in turn will make good laws for us, but the exact very opposite of this. He commands us to follow His Law, the eternal, unchanging Law and to establish Courts of Justice (as opposed to the present courts of injustice)! So, I think that as Jews this is what we should do.

Some say that this is unrealistic. I say that if you consider this unrealistic, than you consider G-d, the Bible, Israel and the Jewish people - unrealistic.

I strongly believe that we were especially told, that one of the main light-motifs as it were of the Torah, is to reject tyrants and tyrannies. Now, what is more tyrannical than having some one telling you what to do and how to do it? This is what Knesset does, of course. Now, Moshe Feiglin wants to run to be part of this unholy, some say evil body. He wants to participate in the only power-game in town. Is it good or bad? Were we or were we not told - in the Purim story - to stay away from royal banquettes?

I understand that this is a difficult sale, especially for Anglos, who have democracy in their DNA and convinced that only if we voted right or enough people voted right, Israel's ills could be cured. So, let me be brutal and break the bad news for you folks: It won't work. Why? Because democracy is not Judaism. It is the Hellenistic way to run a (city) state, demos meaning "people" and cratos "power". Remember the slogan: "Power to the people!"? Well, this is it: Democracy!

It was perhaps good for the Greeks who knew each other and the candidates and most of all the problems. No wonder that it doesn't work in our modern world, with democratic systems running tens, even hundreds of millions of people, with mass media brokering opinion in the middle and with electoral campaigns worth millions and millions of dollars.

Most "man on the street" today is uninformed or misinformed and therefore, again per definition, it is unlikely that he can make an informed decision and even if he could, democracy would still not work. Why? Because of the built in corruption to the system. Because public representatives cannot be but loyal to their few tax-consumer sponsors rather than to the masses of their tax-payer electors. Haven't you noticed that each and every Israeli PM have defaulted on his promises? That Begin gave away Sinai, Sharon Yamit and Gaza and Netanyahu Hevron, etc.?

In an interview given to ynetnews.com Moshe Feiglin said just a few days ago that he wants the American legal system, here in Israel, with elected judges. So much for his "Jewish" leadership. Let's ask ourselves: When was Judaism ever concerned about the number of supporters of an idea rather than with its quality of holiness? Avraham stood alone, remember, on the other side. That is what we are all about! The big idea of Judaism is that it assigns power to the one G-d, leaving people to administer justice.

Moshe Feiglin nevertheless is probably the less terrible [candidate] (to participate in the royal banquette), I would agree with that. But what difference does it make? He is not even a candidate yet and I doubt he ever will be. And again, but here I'm repeating myself so I'll stop, we were told to oppose tyrannies and not to participate in royal banquettes.

So, last paragraph, what is the solution? It really is so very simple. Let's "just" be good Jews, daven, do the positive and avoid the negative mitzvot and that includes the courage to forget about voting. Voting is a goy thing! Votes only reinforce and prolong the anti-Semitic political power-structure of the day and by doing so delay the coming of the Messiah.