Proceeding Without The Blessing by Andras Bereny


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Proceeding Without The Blessing by Andras Bereny

The attempt to surround the present incompetent Israeli PM with watchdogs (and give them teeth) is more then comprehensible. It won't work however and for a very simple reason. As these think-tanks admittedly are modeled after their American counterparts, they clearly are not Jewish institutions. Like the Knesset itself, they may be good for the nations, Hellenistic, but they are not good for the Jews. Thinking and acting as if Israel were just another nation amongst the nations is actually anti-Semitic and will lead to the downfall of the "Jewish" State. What we need to correct the "errors" is a State guided by Torah values, implemented by Torah institutions. For more on this see www.jewishyisrael.org

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