Zionism is false messianism, replacing the worship of HaShem with that of the State

B"H - If Mr. Katz worshiped HaShem as Jews do and not the State, as the so called "religious" Zionists, he would want to pour Torah on the Land and not cement. Cement without Torah is worthless and chances are it angers the Creator and thus causes us immense harm: Jews under the Zionist false messianics are in great danger!

 - This is a comment on Anti-Semites are self-replacing
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Marathon was a Greek city and the word sport comes from Sparta, another Greek city and Greece in Greek is Hellas, the home of Hellenism, which is the opposite of Torah on every level!

The title of this article should read: Jerusalem Marathon offers new opportunity to the Zionists to Hellenize the Jews, to further remove them from Torah and to prove themselves good Hellenists to the world.

 - This is a comment on J'lem Marathon offers new training technology to prepare runners
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I'm very disappointed: The State of Israel really does have terrible leaders!

B"H - I'm not sure about the veracity of this news-item, but if true, I'm VERY disappointed: Netanyahu should be at the inauguration of his friend Trump and clap and celebrate as I'm sure many Israelis will in their homes and on the streets!

 - This is a comment on PM will not attend Trump inauguration
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Running a democratic republic on G-d's Land is not a mitzvah!

B"H - Rivlin, you are not "us". You are "them" and I hope and pray three times a day so that the Children of Israel one day find their way and establish our glorious Torah state over your disgusting failed Hellenist democratic republic in the Land of Israel!

- This is a comment on Rivlin: terrorism won't break us
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Dorit Beinisch says the "court" is not leftist. Ha!

B"H - The so called supreme court seems to be a runaway train that may have to be stopped. One way of stopping it is cutting its funding from the justice ministry. Another way of stopping it is through a Torah revolution that replaces this Erev Rav run democratic republic on the Land of Israel with our prescribed Torah state, that has our prescribed Torah institutions, that runs our affairs according to our prescribed Torah Law and not by these secularist professional anti-Torah personnel!

- This is a comment on Retired Supreme Court President: The judges aren't leftists
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There was a terror attack in Jerusalem this morning

B"H - That Jews are killed in the Land of Israel is unacceptable. Instead of this democratic republic we need and urgently our prescribed Torah state, with our prescribed Torah institutions that deal with matters according to our prescribed Torah Law and not by these traitor secularist so called judges and evil politicians!

- This is a comment on Ramming attack in Jerusalem kills 4 
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This is something good: More and more people see that the State is not Jewish

B"H - Amen, in our days!

- This is a comment on THE STATE
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On the Amona residents and their deal with the State

B"H - It was all too obvious since the very beginning: HaShem put the religious Zionist State worshiper "residents" to His test and they failed it miserably.

 - This is a comment on Despite Amona deal, no progress on replacement housing
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Israeli soldier Elor Azaria convicted in killing a terrorist in bible code

Jewish Jews, take note of what the State does to us, not just the Arabs!

- This is a comment on Israeli Soldier Elor Azaria convicted in killing a Terrorist in bible code
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The State and its army, the IDF are clearly proven not Jewish for everyone to see

B"H - The bottom line is what laws and which rules is one considering binding: The State and its army, the IDF just proved without a shadow of a doubt of not being Jewish. I hope Jewish Jews take note and start to pretend our prescribed Torah institutions: A Jewish king to run the executive, A Cohen gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a Sanhedrin and righteous courts in every village all over the Land to administer justice. Enough of these Hellenist Erev Rav Zionists!

- This is a slightly extended comment on Elor Azariya found guilty of manslaughter
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Zionism is not Judaism: The State is a Golden Calf and we are warned not to dance around it.

B"H - I don't see at all "that HaShem has given back to us our homeland", as suggested. I see, and rather clearly, that our homeland has been taken from the British with a clever trick by the Erev Rav Zionists, who are usurping the Jewish narrative and Jewish symbols to confuse and deceive us and the world, to lie and to make us and the world believe that the sovereignty in the Land is Jewish. It is not! The sorry fact is that State is an ordinary democratic republic, far from being Jewish. A Golden Calf and in Judaism, which is not Zionism, we are warned not to dance around it. See https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=1244453032306188&set=p.1244453032306188&type=3&theater

- This is a comment on Pre-Asarah B'Tevet Video: -History, Reality & Ramban: To Fast or Not to Fast, That is the Question.
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Many religious Zionists think that the secular State is Jewish: They err.

B"H - Rav, you must stop ignoring the Jews persecuted in Israel, the pogroms the communities of Migron and Amona suffered, for example. The question therefore is not so much a halachic one, but rather the correct understanding of the historical reality on which to apply the relevant halacha.

- This is a comment on Pre-Asarah B'Tevet Video: -History, Reality & Ramban: To Fast or Not to Fast, That is the Question.
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Something's brewin': Prime Minister Netanyahu in Letters Skip 777 in the Torah Glazerson

- This is a comment on Prime Minister Netanyahu in Letters Skip 777 in the Torah Glazerson
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Not too sophisticated paralelles between symbols and reality

B"H - So moral of the story is that the State on its emblem has the "paganized Menorah", not the Jewish one, which reflects exactly the real status of the State: A secular, anti-Torah entity, designed and established to separate the Jew from his Torah by posing as something Jewish. Jews of the world, sober up before it's too late!

- This is a comment on A visit to the Arch of Titus
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Must Read: Government Instigated Fusion, Diffusion and Confusion Over Amona - From Chan Micah to Shiloh and Beyond by Guest author Barouch Levy

B"H -
    Those  who know the geography, and the history of Samaria, and have lived or traveled there, should be particularly interested in what the Land of Israel is "telling us", in regards to the planned expulsion of Jews from Amona.,

    About a half an hour's drive from Amona, is the Jewish settlement of Maaleh Levonah.  Off to the side of the road, leading upwards to Maaleh Levona, is a site called Chan Micah. There, is a small assembly of buildings, including one said to be ancient. In  the vicinity, the Torah sources say, is where Micah's statue was erected, and there, idolatrous sacrifices were made. The Gemara, (Sanhedrin,page 103) calls this place Gerev. Its location, is even given as being three ((Roman)miles west of Shiloh.  Indeed, there is, even today, a site, in the area, with this same  name. Furthermore, there, in the Gemara, it says that there was a heavenly protest, against Micah's idolatry, but that G-d restrained the angels, saying "Leave him alone, he provides sustenance to travelers." As the location of Chan Micah, which can be  rather accurately translated as Micah's restaurant and motel, is  just a five minute walk,  until the main road between Shcem(Nablus) and Jerusalem, the modern traveler, on the road, can not but, be impressed by authenticity of the above mentioned Gemara passage.

   But most interesting of all, in this  passage, is that the Gemara says, that the smoke from the idolatrous sacrifices in Gerev, mixed in the air, with smoke of the pure sacrifices at the Tabernacle, at nearby Shiloh. Present day Shiloh, is close to the ancient site of the Tabernacle. This fusion and mixture of smoke, from both the site of Micah's graven image, and the Holy Tabernacle or Mishcan, the physical after effects of these acts of good and evil, occurred, in an area, not far at all. from Amona. ,

      Today the clouds of controversy, and the fallout of a moderately exploding public debate, are today still hovering  around Amona. Indeed, the nature of these sentiments, aired on Amona , are mix of the good and the bad, as is most public discussion. The voices projected out and upward, contain the pure and not so pure. In fact, the word Gerev,site of Michah's statue, is related to the Hebrew word "erev", which in English means "evening", a mixture of light and darkness.

     Last week, masses of settlement youth, converged upon Amona, in order to prevent its destruction. Many, where willing to do so with their meager physical presence, in the face of the army, and non military "officers of the peace". Their dedication and purity of motivation, were applauded by many. Their presence at Amona, in the inclement winter weather, was noted, by leaders of the settlement movement, including those esteemed as Torah figures.

   But the leaders and older adults, their parents,  did not have that same resolution. They did not have the clarity of thought and deed, in regard to Amona, as their children. A mixture and hodgepodge of opinions, produced a kind of consensus, to encourage and support the Amona settlers' agreement, to accept their own expulsion from Amona. The youths, verily undermined from even conducting a continued, vigorous, protest to the injustice, as good and rational children, had no other alternative but to go home. Not only did this  limited support, consisting of a confused batch of mixed signals, produce the above result, but the residents of Amona themselves, were more than just metaphorically left out in the cold. So much so, was this the case, that support and genuine sympathy, for the residents of Amona, diluted and mixed with apprehension, lest the government would look unfavorably on the settlement, in Judea in Samaria, on the whole, enabled the courts  to wrench from the Amona residents another new, most degrading, concession. The Amona residents have now pledged, legally,  to abide to their own expulsion "without conflict and opposition", as worded in the legal document.

  The Torah teaches that G-d did not take lightly, the idolatry of Michah at Gerev, taking place, side by side, with the service to HaShame, at the Mishcan at Shiloh. The Torah demands that  people protest such a desecration. The expression of G-d's displeasure, is described  in the Gemara. One great Talmudic commentators , the Maharshah, points out that the failure to protest Michah's acts, lead to the death of  40,000 of the  Israelites, in the earlier stages of the war, conducted against the tribe of Benjamin, at the time.Undoubtedly, this conflict, took place, in what is known. today as the "Benyamin" area, where Amona, is located.

  Similarly, the Israeli Supreme Court expulsion edict, against Jewish Amona, did, indeed, evoke, from the leadership of the settlements, in Judea and Samaria, condemnation and protest. None the less, in light of the magnitude of the government's wrongdoing, of ordering that the village is to be destroyed and the residents are to flee, the reaction, to this, towards the government, was little more than an ineffective whimper.  Many elements in  the National Religious Camp are insistent, some say, obsessively so, on maintaining good relations, with the basically, secular Israeli Government. Does this indicate that the righteousness of their religious Zionism, as demonstrated by the Amona reaction, or lack of it, is mixed with,  and tainted with, an exaggerated approval, or "worship" of the Israeli  government, whose Jewish shortcomings, particularly, today are so  stark?

 The prophet Yishaiyahu, said "Raise up your voice like a shofar, tell the people their crime". Many people say today that it extremely difficult to chastise and protest. They are correct. If so, how can wrongdoing be condemned, and the people be taught to follow the Torah?

  The Torah teaches, that as the process of the final Redemption progresses, the Torah  leadership. will obtain the ability to effectively rebuke the people. Indeed, at the time of the Exodus from Egypt , and afterwards, Moses, while at times opposed, had commanding Torah authority.

   Shortly before the Children of Israel left Egypt, Moses threw an object with the name of G-d written on it, into the waters of the Nile and the casket of Joseph arose from the waters. This was a imperative part of the Exodus, as the people had to unite with spirit of Joseph the Zadik. Out of Egypt, and at the foot of Mount Sinai, Moses fails to descend from the mountain and the Erev Rav, The Great Mixture of people, accompanying the Children of Israel, from Egypt, conduct a coup d' etat against Moses. In fact, this same Micah, who would later manage Micah's Inn, throws the same object, with the name of G-d on it, into the flames, and by way of Egyptian witchcraft, arises a golden calf idol, which is promptly worshiped. Yet. Moses reappears from Mt Sinai, commanding and embodying the Torah of Joseph the Zadik and his father Israel(Jacob). The revolt soon collapses, chastisement is delivered, and accepted. Violators are punished..

 So too, will it be in the final Redemption. A song or "voice" will appear, which will enable those, who receive its teachings, to protest evil  and chastise successfully. It will embody, within it, both the name of G-d, and the name of the ultimate  Zadik or Mashiach. This song, will be a single, double triple, quadruple song. (This is mentioned in the Tikunei HaZohar, part 21.)With it, the Mashiach, will successfully be able to ,"Raise up your voice as a shofar". In fact the  letters of the word, "as a shofar", in Hebrew, appearing in that phrase, are the key letters of the Hebrew words for single, double, triple, quadruple!

 Clearly, the inadequacy of, support for Amona and weakness of the protest against destruction, has lead to the present state of affairs there. The government has created pressure on the settlers, in areas, extending much farther from  Amona than Gerev, Shiloh, and Binyamin. This has broken their united response, and produced a response, an amalgam, fused with considerations not necessarily, the most correct. This is the message of the impurity of Gerev, the purity of Shiloh and the mixture between. But in as much as they receive and be purified, by the "Voice of Jacob" or the Song of Israel, they will be able to raise up their  voices, like a shofar, and have their demand for continued Jewish settlement, in Amona, and all others Torah demands, with G-d's help, be gladly accepted by all.

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