On the New and Terrible High Court Appointments

B"H - With reference to the new "high court" appointments, the bottom line is that we must not be surprised that the Erev Rav, the anti-Jewish mixed multitude, keeps accumulating power in its hands. The simple fact is that we know full well that no good can come out from the State of Israel's institutions, as they are defiantly non-Torah and anti- Torah institutions and as Jews we must pretend the establishment of Torah institutions on the Land: a Jewish king with his two Torah scrolls to run the executive, a Cohen Gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a Sanhedrin and just courts throughout the Land to administer justice. These are the Jewish institutions and checks and balances prescribed by our Constitution, the Torah! When we deviate from this divine model of running a perfect society, we commit a huge and public Chilul Hashem, desecration of G-d's Name, for which we can only be punished in terrible, terrible ways: So much for the masochism of our People, the Children of Israel. In conclusion, the Jewish response to this must be to abandon as much as possible this State's Hellenistic democracy, to abstain at least from the vote for evil kneset!

- This is a comment on New Supreme Court Judges: Mazuz and Baron
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On Har Bracha, On Shomron Governor Mesika, On Derailed Rav. Melamed And On Their Supporters, On The Erev Rav

B"H - Don't even think of bringing your family to Har Bracha, there is idol worshiping in there! What is going on in there is the visible sign of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism: A corrupt political establishment hand in hand with derailed rabbis and their supporters, the Erev Rav, against Torah, Torah Jews and ultimately: Against Hashem, our G-d! Har Bracha is led astray by its "rav" Melamed and by the greed.of its developers, the concrete-pouring Zionists who instead of Hashem, worship the "Renaissance of the Jewish People", as Rav. Kook put it. And, of course, by the lining of their own pockets.

 - This is a composed comment on Har Bracha - A breath of fresh air and on my fb status
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On Scotland's Independence

- Esser Agaroth: "Scotland fails to regain its independence. So what?"
- AbY: So we see, it is in front of our eyes, of how a once great nation can commit suicide: An admonition to Israel, not to the State, to the Children of Israel.

- This is a comment on Scotland Fails to Regain its Independence. So, What?
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On Yisrael Medad, Again 3

B"H - Since you come out publicly with your un- and anti-Jewish takes on issues, everyone doubts your Jewishness, not just me, as you put it in doubt yourself. So, you might as well close down your entire comments section altogether. Furthermore, I could not care less what you "prefer" as you played away my initial respect for you, with your Erev Rav manifestations. As they put up with you, you also bring shame on your family and everyone know who they are.

- This is a comment on Reaping the Suspicion
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On Yisrael Medad, Again 2

B"H - Not to worry Medad, you'll get your punishment for your sins: In Judaism we do have a concept of divine retribution and punishment and again, the way you talk about it, especially  under Rosh HaShana, is of course indicative of the number of light years that is between you and Torah. But then, why should a Zionist like yourself be attentive to Torah? The goal is not to worship Hashem, our G-d, but "the renaissance of the Jewish people" as Rav. Kook put it, so it is clear that no matter what or how many halachot, Jewish Law sources I may bring down to you, you will always and predictably prefer to be led astray by the "rabbi" of your choice.

- This is another comment on Reaping the Suspicion 
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On Yisrael Medad, Again 1

B"H - Of course we have proof Medad, it's just that you don't accept them. This yes, opens up suspicions about your status as a Jew: Jews don't side with gentiles against Jews, there must be something wrong with your traitorous soul.

- This is a comment on Reaping the Suspicion
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Letting the Xtians Harvest Grapes On Our Land: A Modern-day and Voluntary Greed-galore Slave-trade!

B”H – Very well written piece, thank you Donny Fuchs! If you paid me for criticizing something, I’d say that I found one error in your article, in the following phrase: “The Jubilee, headed by Tommy Waller, is prominent in the region for their volunteer program in assisting religious agricultural communities with their harvests”. The fact of the matter is that they “assist” no communities. They may assist greedy winery-owners in achieving higher profit margins, but communities? No, they do not “assist” communities. By working for free they undercut our local jobs market effectively robbing our communities, our youths and our unemployed of a whole pool of badly needed low-tech jobs. It should also be mentioned, and anyone who ever lived in wine-producing regions knows this full well, the concentrated effort needed for the harvest is a joyous community affair. Whole school classes sometimes spend many days on the fields, extended families, friends and relatives participate in the harvest, communal meals are consumed and stories are told: There is singing and dancing. Robbing these character and let me say, nation building experiences from our own youth and elderly, is something that cannot ever be exchanged for the extra profit the winery-owner can make on this modern-day and voluntary greed-galore slave-trade!

- This is a comment on Anti-Missionary Conference
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Zionism As A New Religion

B"H - This me/us being Neturei Karta accusation business often comes up and of course I call it name calling a) because that's what it is and b) because there are macroscopic differences in outlook between them and us, namely the haredi tradition refutes the concept of a modern Jewish state, we don't, with the added irritant of them collaborating with our enemies, which is a huge error and something which we would never do. However let me draw the attention here to the fact that more than anyone else, it is the Zionists worshiped State of Israel and not NK that is responsible for the direct and indirect empowering of our enemies. At the final analysis the question is indeed very simple: As Jews do we want to give a hand to and support the current Erev Rav, secular, anti-Torah State entity by saying all sorts of silly things, like it is a seed, or that redemption is a process or that it is the best of all that is possible or that it is a vessel to be filled with what is good or that we must be realistic and Torah is not realistic and so on, or rather just DO the Jews by doing the required mitzvot of the Book and leave the running of the show to Hashem? One of the reasons I love Rosh HaShana is because in our liturgy this is the occasion to proclaim Him what He is and what we tend to forget during most of the year, King that is, of the universe! Throwing up in the air logical solutions to OUR problems is not the Jewish Way! Doing Torah is. even if it is not logical, not practical, not realistic or considered not beneficial. These alternative solutions and practices go under the name of Zionism and it is not a question of semantics to distinguish, as we should, between the two: It is a question of hard substance! Judaism worships Hashem, Zionism the "renaissance of the Jewish People", as Rav. Kook put it, a self-serving, intrinsically reform turn! Believe it or not, and today it is difficult to believe, there are sources that prohibit even the reading of Rav. Kook books. I'm referring to Rav. Alfandary who brings down Rav. Yedid Yosef HaLevi, a staunch opposer of the Kookist reform-stream. I happened to firmly believe that the issue of the bringing in xtians to the Shomron and elsewhere is the tip of the iceberg, the most visible sign of a much wider phenomena, that is of the bankruptcy and unsustainability of what has became known as the Religious Zionist stream, a maybe difficult to detect but nevertheless new religion, in my view.

- This is a comment on a fb status
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