Consider the following by Aryeh Zelasko

What is the background situation to the war of Gog and Mogog? They invade an Israel that has a large Jewish population, and an army that fights them. For there to be an army, there must be a government. Since this war has not yet happened, it is still for the future. We must ask: Why would G-D allow Goyim to invade Israel and inflict large casualties? It could only be as a punishment for not following the Torah. So what are the elements we can deduce? The war happens at a time when there is a large Jewish population in Israel with its own government but they do not govern according to the Torah. So G-D sends Gog to destroy this situation. Now what is the outcome of the war? Moshiach is revealed, defeats the enemy and establishes his government.

It would seem that the purpose of the war was to reestablish the monarchy so the Jewish people will live according to the Torah. Since we are unwilling to do this voluntarily, we must first pay the price in blood and destruction. Only afterwards will there be enough Jews willing to abandon the Goyish way of living and want to live according to Torah. Of course if we abandon the Goyish system now and appointed a king to govern according to the Torah, the war would not be necessary. There is a way this could be done but it would take great courage on the part of many people. If you are interested, we can meet and I will explain how.

- This is a comment on https://www.facebook.com/yekutiel.guzofsky/posts/10220239293872471
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On the Israeli elections #5:

For those who plan to vote for a political party: just don't forget that the Rambam's definition of idol worshiping is attributing one's hopes and aspirations to anything other than Hashem and that we voted for Him for all generations under the Mount. So yeah, a little Fear of G-d definitely is kind of - healthy? Keeping in mind that it kept us alive all the way?

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On Israeli elections #4

 Rabbi Meir Kahane did not understand and most Kahanists in particular and Religious Zionists in general do not understand that the State cannot be reformed from within. Why not? Because Torah tells us to run a different kind of State in the Land: none of the democratic republc's institutiuns are the Torah-prescribed ones, therefore we cannot vote them out, even if we had 61 good guys in kneset and right now we have like none. This is why elections in Israel are such disgusting public rebellion against Hashem, may His Name be blessed! We will have to have an institutional discontinuity in the Land, which is the definition of revolution. In Judaism we call it the Coming of the Messiah.

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There are certain distinctions to be made:

 The State IS its institutions. The rest is the Torah, the People, and the Land of Israel. In order to change the institutions from the ones we are told to vote for now to our Torah-prescribed institutions, the king, the Sanhedrin and the Cohen gadol, we'll have to go through an institutional discontinuity, which is the definition of revolution. It can be bloody and it can be smooth. So, in order to get from here to there we need a Torah revolution (which not by accident is the title of this blog). We can't get there by elections, because elections only reinforce and prolong the rule of kneset, not weaken and shorten it.This is where Rav. Kahane erred, he did not understand that we cannot reform this State from within, because Torah wants us to run another kind of state in the Land. With other words, the more we vote for kneset, the more we push away this necessary Torah revolution, which we call the Coming of the Messiah and thus the establishment of our beloved Torah state that we pray for every day. This is why this democratic republic cannot be considered a part of the redemption process and this is why even if one votes for the good guys and for the right party, for the ones who SAY all the right things we love to hear, by voting for kneset he makes the realization of those stated and desired goals even more difficult. The correct Torah behavior therefore is abstention from the vote. Let kneset run out of blood-supply, an equation in which the blood-supply is our blood. Literally!

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"The Temple Institute" admits that in reality it is for the State, not for the Temple!

So, what is that flag of the secular State is doing there behind your shoulder? Are you not for our Torah-prescribed institutions? Which side are you on? For or against Torah? 

We love the State of Israel, part of the process of our Redemption, and we are on the side of recognizing the hand of Hashem in the miracle of the State of Israel, and giving Him thanks. There is more Torah in the State of Israel now than at any other time in history, and more Torah than anywhere else in the world. Whatever your problem is, take it somewhere else please.
- These are comments on Weekly Torah Portion: Shoftim
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Destroying Jewish property is wrong no matter what!

When the real-estate worshiper, power-hungry, control-freak, xtian-loving, Israeli flag-waver religious Zionists destroy a house of your friend, you call it Chilul Hashem, desecration of G-d's Name at 4:20, which of course it is. When the same religious Zionists destroyed the Breslever community in Givat Ronen a few years ago, you called it the proper action against the rebels by the sages of the village. Well, I suggest that it does not work like this: Either one worships Hashem, in which case destroying Jewish property, lives and livelihoods is very wrong, or one worships the rabbis of the Kookist mafia one feels affiliated to, in which case everything suddenly becomes relative and very far from Torah.

- This is a comment on

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The nations of the world seek meaning through happiness whereas the Jews, at least on paper, seek happiness through meaning. Even virtuous artists like Muti and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra cannot make us forget this concept, quite the opposite: Beethoven's 9th is the epitome that reinforces it forcefully. Maybe it is not an accident that an evil organization like the European Union chose this Symphony as its representative anthem.

- This is a comment on https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rOjHhS5MtvA
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Let's thank Hashem for all the great minds He's given us to learn from!

B"H - Religious Zionism maybe even worse [than Labor Zionism is] as it rewrites halacha to fit its agenda, whereas Labor Zionism "just" removes itself from the sphere of halachic influence. Rav Miller writes in paragraph 7 of the preface to his Awake My Glory: "Know what to reply to the Epikoros. It is easy to demonstrate the falsehood of the religions and of the claims of the evolutionists and the Bible-critics and to expose the sham of Reform and Conservatism and Zionism". So yes, we can learn a lot from Rav Kahane, but there are many others we can and should learn a lot from too. I thank Hashem for all the great minds He's given us to learn from!

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Religious Zionism is just as bankrupt as Labor Zionism is

B"H - Why none of these Har Bracha people, and what is worse many Religious Zionist rabbis, ask themselves "Why Hashem is sending in an Arab to kill someone like us"? Are we not doing the right things, here in G-d's Palace, which the Land of Israel is? Are we not righteous by running a secular and democratic republic for example, which is not a Torah-prescribed entity or by hosting actively idol worshiping xtian evangelicals just because now they say they love us? How can they love us if they hate Hashem and worship their JC man-god? The call to extend Har Bracha in response to the murder also is outright ridiculous: In Judaism we say tehelim, prayers in honor of the Almighty memorizing our dead, only in real-estate Zionism we call to and pour concrete!

- This is a comment on Rabbi Itamar Ben Gal laid to rest
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On the new Volkswagen Nazis

Let me thank you again John Cadogan for dealing with this issue! The fact of the matter is that all these three big German car-makers used and benefited from concentration-camp slave labor in the Second World War period and therefore can rightly be considered active participants in genocide and no, I don't think we should overlook this aspect of the German car industry or outright forgive them. No matter what the Merkel may say on this latest Monkey-Gate Scandal, it seems that the Germans are just trying to protect their profits by getting away from their unpresentable past. Money uber alles, no matter what!

- This is a comment on The Truth About Volkswagen Monkey Exhaust Experiments
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For the State of Israel Jewish lives mean absolutely nothing!

B"H - It is very unfortunate that under such a dire security situation the State of Israel does not do everything possible not only to defend its citizens, but not even to let them defend themselves: I am a Shomron resident and after ten years of gun ownership the police called me up, telling me to surround my gun to them, my license has expired. What happened was that up until now the Ministry of Interior sent out a notification, with relative form to pay a fee at the post office, to renew the license of gun ownership in every two or three years. Now, and without notice, they changed this practice and stopped sending out notifications of renewal, effectively disarming thousands of people with this cowardly bureaucratic trick. So any proclamation to the contrary is false, for the State our lives mean nothing, absolutely nothing!

- This is a comment on Jew murdered in terror attack near Havat Gilad in Samaria
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Melamed scholar talks against Melamed activist

Bearing in mind that this author is responsible with his activism to the planting of actively practicing evangelical xtians on the West Bracha Hill and in the yishuv itself, it is surprising to see that now he seems to acknowledge a few Torah principles against his presumably sinful acts.

- This is a censored comment on ‘Ger Toshav’: Obstacles and Aspirations
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President Donald Trump is Not the Mashaich by guest author Barouch Levy

    The long overdue  and obligatory acknowledgement by President Trump, in recognizing Jerusalem as the Capitol of Israel, is indeed and an important thing in itself. Not only does it legitimize the return of Jewish sovereignty in that holy city, but it officially removes the American position, from  amongst the many, who  by their stubborn recalcitrance on the issue, project  an active denial of any connection of the Jewish People with the ancient ,present and future, holiness of Jerusalem. The American position on Jerusalem, since Israel was established, until this week, has been completely compatible with an American governmental relationship with  Israel, which was either entirely secular and/ or anti-Semitic. Thus, Present Trump, and his obligatory acknowledgement, that indeed Jerusalem is the Capitol Of Israel, removes the United States from the company on this issue, of these deplorables.
This being said, the effusive outpouring of gratitude to President for the policy change and the euphoria it has evoked from many Jews, is quite problematic. First of all this reflects an ignorance of American policy towards Israel over the years, in general and an ignorance of the Trump Administration's Middle East Policy in particular. Indeed at this juncture,  is seems that the Trump Admiration's Mid East policy is rather reminiscent of past American policy in the region, particularly that of certain Republican administrations. Secondly, this Jewish reaction, is reflective of 'sadly, our continuing "galut" mentality , even after close to seventy years of independence in the State of Israel. The site of a large American flag next an Israeli one bedecking the wall  of Jerusalem, near the citadel of David, the symbol of Jewish kingship, strength and self-reliance and faith in G-d, no doubt the handiwork of not, the American government, but Jews in Israel, is disturbing in the eyes of any real Jewish nationalist
   Knesset Member ,Moshe Feigllin, who was recently quoted about a possible impending change in the status of Jerusalem, remarked that such a development, would be miraculous and of an historical significance, similar to that of the Balfour "Declaration. Odd indeed. First of all, in 1922, a mere five years after the announcement of the Balfour Declaration, the British government began to issue a series of documents, collectively  called the "White Paper", which were a retraction of the declared policy intentions the Balfour Declaration . In fact the 1939 segment of the British White Paper contained an express written intention to terminate Jewish aspirations for sovereignty in the Land of Israel. The Jewish Agency's reaction to the 1939 White Paper, was that the British Government intended to "put up a territorial ghetto for Jews in their own homeland",  at "this darkest hour Jewish history". None the less, may Jews at the time considered the Balfour Declaration to be of miraculous and historical significance. Many Jews including Moshe Feiglin, still consider this to be true.  Secondly Knesset Member Feiglin, perhaps more than any other Jewish public figure, must be aware of the potential or presently emerging similarities of the developing  Trump Middle East policy, and that of the policy enacted during the tenure of former President Ronald Reagan. A particularly significant role was played in the formulation of that infamous policy by the former Secretary of Defense Capper Weinberger, the nemesis of the paroled, but heavily fettered and repressed Jonathan Pollard.
  In an article by Feiglin, appearing in the internet edition of the Israeli paper, "Maariv,"of April 6, 2008, Feiglin commented on Jonathan Pollard, the Jewish American Israeli agent, who, illicitly, in the legal sense, interfered in the American Middle East policy. In regard to that interference, Feiglin appropriately labeled Pollard the "man who saved Israel from American indifference and insensitivity by bringing to Israel's attention vital information vital to the continuation of its existence."
   During the period of the Reagan administration, the United States had developed and alliance with the now deposed Iraqi despot, Saddam Hussein, in order to restrain the expansionist aspirations in the Persian Gulf of the Iranian Islamic regime. That regime had come to power, not long before the ascent of the Reagan administration, in a revolution led by Ayatollah Khomeini who both  he and his regime had become identified with Anti-Americanism, largely due to the Iranian hostage crisis. As part of a budding military alliance between the united States and Iraq, the Reagan administration enabled Iraq to acquire, in essence, provided Iraq weaponry, which included poison gas and its accompanying delivery capacity, which could not only be used against Iran but could and did threaten Israel. Jonathon Pollard, in his work as a civilian intelligence analyst, became aware of this threat to Israeli population centers and brought the matter to his superiors. He was reportedly told, "That Jews are too sensitive to gas.".
Similarly, today the Trump Administration is actively cultivating an alliance with Saudi Arabia against Iran. Obviously that alliance has a significant military component. How will Jews and Israelis be  desensitized to  a buildup of American arms in the Arabian peninsula to those whose remarks on Trump's Jerusalem Declaration were not too different than the reaction emitted by Iran? This armament will not  be hidden in some Saudia Arabian wasteland by someone like Casper Weinberger, so that some kind of future Jonathan Pollard will not tip off the Israelis.
   The major actor in this role of Jewish desensitization is to be played by Saudi Arabia. They will declare "peace" with Israel. But only after, as described by the Jewish Agency, in its reaction to the British White Paper, "The national home is converted into another cramped and dangerous ghetto.". Indeed, in the regular Hebrew addition of "Arutz 7", December 7,2017, columist Nitzan Kedar writes, in "Declaration of Intentions", as follows,|". . . circles close to Trump are saying that a recognition on Jerusalem and a declaration on the beginning of the transfer of the Embassy is a significant enough step, such that its price will be the absolute and clear agreement by Israel to the two state solution."
Rather clearly, it seems that President Donald Trump's policy hopes are significantly similar   to Prime  Minister Winston Churchill's government's intention to permanently debilitate Jewish nationalism, by way of the 1939 White Paper . So too, are we reminded of the American Truman Administration, which rushed to "declare" its immediate recognition of the State of Israel,  parallel to the imposition of an arms embargo which was intended to contribute to expected Jewish defeat.  The American-Soviet collusion during the Eisenhower Administration, of forcing an Israeli withdrawal from the Sinai, lead directly to the grave threat Israel experienced to its it existence, in the days prior to the Six Day war. The failure of Israel to  engage in a precautionary military initiative prior to the Yom Kippur War, is largely attributed to a policy, advocated by Henry Kissinger, during the Nixon Administration ,which was intended generate Israeli military setbacks. These setbacks, it was envisioned, would make Israel more amenable to a compliance with a withdrawal to pre-1967 borders.  The Oslo Agreement of the Clinton Administration, had at its heart a two state solution, which by its nature obligated, a return to this last "cramped and dangerous  ghetto". In the parlance of the day, this was described correctly as "ghetto from Hadera to Gedera. 
As "everyone" knows, the two state solution is at the heart of the Trump Administration's  Mid East policy.  In as much at it is, we are back to the White Paper. In fact we have never left. The significant difference is in President Trump's sales presentation.  "Whatever the sides want.", and "Israel will get lots of love", are examples of President Trump's new soft sell sales approach. Added to this are the plans of erecting "a monument for peace", the new American Embassy building, in Jerusalem at some unspecified, far off time.
  During the First Gulf War, "everyone' in Israel was tremendously grateful for the partial American destruction of Iraq's military might. Rabbi Yisrael  Ber  Odesser, recipient of Rabbi Nachman's letter and signature, the well-known in Israel "Na Nach Nachma Nachman from Uman, reportedly chastised his students for their unjustified gratitude. "What the Americans do, they do for themselves." At the same meeting ,or perhaps latter, it was reported that Rabbi Yisrael clarified "Roosevelt was worse than Hitler. Hitler acted out of insanity, whereas Roosevelt ,operated with careful consideration and well thought out thinking.". Certainly, Former Secretary of The Treasury ,Henry Morgenthau's memorandum, Entitled, "The Report to the Secretary of this Government's Acquiescence to the Murder of the Jews, of January 13, 1943, does much to corroborate the testimony of Rabbi Yisrael's remarks.
  In light of the unjustified exaggerated enthusiasm with which many Jews greeted President Trump's Jerusalem Declaration, it behooves these people to heed these above, reported, words of Rabbi Yisrael .Many, including sophisticated observers of the Israel-United States relationship, and some of the most keen critics of the two state solution are suddenly buoyed in their uncritical almost unrestrained "faith" in President Trump and his intentions towards Israel.  Even the Saudi Arabians, a cornerstone of the Trump "peace" initiative, now are almost viewed as paradigms of peaceful and cooperative coexistence with the Jews. Rabbi Yisrael said, "Without Rabbi Nachman, everything is confused.". The  sudden, almost unbounded confidence in President Donald Trump, after the Jerusalem Declaration, is an example, par excellence, of this.

Former Israeli  Prime Minister, Yitzhak Shamir, claimed "The sea is still the same sea, the Arabs are still the same Arabs. How true. Unfortunately, the United States Government and in its relationship to Israel, is still the same United  States Government. In any event, the Trump Administration policy in the Middle East should be viewed with caution. In spite of the benefits of the Jerusalem Declaration, many should paid attention to the points of reality, upon which, that this  article has tried to focus attention. President Donald Trump is no Obama. This is correctly understood. But neither is he Mashiach Ben David. Sorry.

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