Rav Yehuda Richter Shiur in Kfar Tapuach 22 Shvat 5775 (Feb. 11 2015) on the State of Israel part 1

B"H - I have permission to reveal here that the son of this rabbi, Benyamin Richter, was sentenced last week for three years in prison (he is kept captive by the Zionists in their Ramle prison) by the evil administration of the so called justice of this evil so called "Jewish" State, for having spray painted a Magen David on a wall in an Arab-occupied settlement in the Shomron. That's while the defense minister of this Bibi Netanyahu government, Yaalon, prolonged the military occupation of the yeshiva in Yitzar for another six months. May the traitors and enemies of Hashem and of the Children of Israel be cursed and crushed!

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The secular State of Israel cannot possibly be "Redemptive".

B"H - What you call "Redemptive Zionism" is only a Kookist, modern day, false messianism: No Golden Calf can become Moshe.

- This is a comment on A Tale of Two Zionisms
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Let's say NO to the vote for kneset, no matter what!

B"H - This essay is music to my ears, rare and therefore precious, even though I would argue that ANY vote for kneset is anti-Torah in as much as we voted for Hashem under the Mount in Sinai for all generations and so it is not the case for a Jew to default on that allegiance.

- This is a comment on Twelve Reasons Why I'm (Probably) Not Voting in the Upcoming Elections || שתים עשר סיבות למה (מִן הַסְתָם) אני לא אשתתף בבחירות הקרובות
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There is a devil in the ambulance!

B"H - There are teams of fake Jewish traitors working for xtian missionaries in Israel and they claim to be orthodox Jews, presenting lies and falsities and the Torah for what it is not! Listen in to Yishai Fleisher interviewing Jonathan Feldstein here on the so called Voice of Israel station to hear deception in action.

- This is a reproduction of deleted fb comments on the subject:

Jonathan Feldstein
14 hrs ·
I had a really nice time chatting with my friend Yishai Fleisher today. I didn't realize people were listening. In case you missed it, http://www.voiceofisrael.com/covenant-blood-christians-in…/…

Jonathan Feldstein is Director of 'Heart to Heart,' the American organization that supports the Jewish State's ambulance and blood services, Magen David...
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·  Ariel Ben Yochanan Attention, these are missionaries, only interested in promoting their man-god idol amongst the Jews: a hateful, disgusting activity!
·  https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xaf1/v/t1.0-1/c127.37.466.466/s32x32/281744_2227544446750_801922_n.jpg?oh=a460a4ddfb3fc1ee930f1cca0c448106&oe=5522FB25&__gda__=1432436591_eb38df369d9c95f6796756b3de793b52
·  Jonathan Feldstein No Ariel, they are a God loving Christians who love Israel.
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·  https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xpa1/v/t1.0-1/c13.13.166.166/s32x32/1914360_263777225075_1850849_n.jpg?oh=e4bdfd31a745f889469b4dc7280db2e3&oe=552125A1&__gda__=1432569970_915095ae37ea43a55e715db0ab7e54fe
·  Ariel Ben Yochanan Appreciate your replying Jonathan Feldstein. Think: How can they love G-d and the Jews if they pray to yoshke, their man-god idol? Maybe by Israel you mean the secular State and it is logical for them to love this Zionist State that prevents us Jews fr...See More
·  https://fbcdn-profile-a.akamaihd.net/hprofile-ak-xaf1/v/t1.0-1/c127.37.466.466/s32x32/281744_2227544446750_801922_n.jpg?oh=a460a4ddfb3fc1ee930f1cca0c448106&oe=5522FB25&__gda__=1432436591_eb38df369d9c95f6796756b3de793b52
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  • Jonathan Feldstein Ariel Ben Yochanan youre entitled to believe what you will. I disagree with you and your presentation of it but will leave your remarks as is. I sure hope you never need an ambulance in jerusalem and have a conflict as to whether to accept needed help.
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  • Ariel Ben Yochanan
You see Jonathan Feldstein, you already are applying pressure on me, and through me on the Jews, to accept help from xtians. According to the Rambam we are allowed to do so only in cases of threat to life, which might be the case with the ambulances, on the other hand might not be, and even in those most grave of cases only privately, not in public, whereas you make as big of a noise of this shameful activity as you possibly can. You make us look all beggars in the eyes of the goyim. Also, I listened to your interview with that other know friend and beneficiary of xtians and their monies, Fleisher, and you say, between other terrible things, that you visit churches. I don't understand how you can define yourself an "orthodox" Jew, when it is well known that Jews are prohibited to enter churches. In your interview with Fleisher you mention an incredible number of transgressions you commit, your collaboration with Bridges for Peace, a missionary organization with a declared goal of "communicating Christian perspectives to the attention of Israeli leaders and the Jewish community-at-large" is being just one of them. Your forcing xtian guests on your own children on Shabos is a terrible abuse! Frankly, I'm overwhelmed by the massive corruption you and your xtian-loving friends practice and display.

Ariel Ben Yochanan Well, you did not leave my remarks, you deleted them as you deleted Torah from your personal and from our national life: Going to churches, making us look like beggars in front of the goyim is not acceptable, sorry! Collaborating with missionizing xtian agencies like Bridges for Peace is not acceptable either and if you're about to delete this comment too, please raze the whole thread, as you are not in for a dialogue. Thank G-d I saved the texts you deleted, knowing full well what was coming and I reserve the right to publish them: You guys (the Erev Rav) don't have the fear of Hashem within you, you are capable of any evil wrongdoing.

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B"H - I was born to unaffiliated Jewish parents in Budapest eleven years after the end of the war. When I was a kid, and even as a young man, that event that claimed the life of one of my grandfathers, Sandor Kaiser, and one of my grandmothers, who committed suicide after grandpa didn't come home from the deportation, seemed far away and remote. Today, at almost sixty, I realize that apart the technical advancement - nothing much changed: The Shoa could happen again as people continue to do terrible things for work, for profit or because they feel they are forced to. The video I post today, Conspiracy, is the utterly ordinary story of what happened to my first family in particular and to the Jews of Europe seventy years ago in general.

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Is Havel Havelim a Stalinist publication (of a Zionist of course)?

B"H - Hihihi, typical, you cancelled my comment, just because you didn't like it. You show yourself to be more Stalinist than Stalin himself.

- This is a comment on "Havel Havelim, וָאֵרָא Va'era, And I Appeared...."
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Havel Havelim blog carnival claims to be Jewish, but is it?

B"H - I think it is unethical of a certain frequent host to queen on Havel Havelim, to suffocate it with her over-activism, to use it to shamelessly promote her own blog and to repudiate people from there like myself who dare to express their opinion not conforming with her's. Esser Agaroth, you shouldn't thank her for editing in your post, right on the spot by the way as usual: She should thank you for providing her with brilliant and professional free content for her unethical little Zionist power-grab game there.

- This is a comment on "Dear Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook Rejects Extremism? Seriously?"
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On Rav. Bar-Hayim's Rambam Went Up to Har HaBayit video

B"H - The Rav himself mentions that the situation today on the Mount is not like it was in the times of the Rambam, that today the Jews fight for the right to pray there. Therefore, and quite apart from the halachic reasons of other rabbanim the Rav ironyzes over, by saying that they must know the laws better than the Rambam himself, it is questionable whether we can engage in an activity that can be interpreted as Chilul Hashem, namely going to the Palace of all Palaces of all things and not praising the King or praising the King in a distorted manner or being arrested for it by worthless goyim or by their servants, who, in addition, wage war on us. Allowing ourselves to be put and publicly in such an undignified position may constitute a de-facto bowing in front of such goyim and therefore prohibited and punished with karet. As we can see, the stakes are extremely high and in my humble opinion it is not obvious at all that the risk the Rav doesn't deal with in this video worth the while. Unfortunately, as the question of visiting Har Habait becomes more and more a focus of contemporary politics, it becomes more and more difficult to separate halacha, Jewish Law, from political interests, from issues which the Religious Zionist movement is interested in pushing and the Rav is known to be a supporter of that particular group of Kookist warriors, presenting a false messianic Torah view vis-à-vis the State in general and it's being a stage of Redemption in particular. As we have to present ourselves in front of the Creator on Judgement Day individually, with our own baggage of deeds as it were, I cannot help but wonder how the Rav can assume the responsibility of instigating people to assume such, in my view unacceptably high risks.

- This is a comment on Rambam Went Up to Har HaBayit
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