We Must Have Our Torah Institutions! Now!

B"H - Let me reproduce here for the record part a fb thread:
  • Uri DeYoung Given that the State is not Torah-compliant, Ariel, what would you have us do until the Israelites as a whole experience an epiphany and return completely to the ways of Torah? What exactly are you calling for? What is your "Torah solution" for the current situation?
  • Ariel Ben Yochanan I'm advocating institutional discontinuity, a.k.a. revolution, as none of the present institutions we operate on the Land are Torah institutions. In particular I don't call for armed conflict, as I fully realize the established powers are very strong, but for a disengagement from the State as much as it is legally possible. This approach doesn't put anyone in danger. We can show Hashem we are with Him by not voting for kneset, for example. We voted for Him in Sinai, under the Mount for all generations. So I think the most effective tool in our hands is political abstention, apart of course leading Torah-compatible, mitzvot-observant individual lives, which by the way includes the incessant desire for our missing Torah institutions: A Jewish king to run the executive according to Torah, a Kohen Gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount of Jerusalem according to Torah, the Sanhedrin and Righteous courts in every village to administer justice according to Torah. These are our prescribed Torah institutions and my understanding is that as Jews we are not allowed to simply renounce them as we do unfortunately.
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Current Currency-Based World Economy is a Fraud

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Open Letter to the Zionists: Moadim L'Simcha!

B"H - There are many mitzvot associated with Sukot, but one of the main theme of this most Jewish of  festivals is the celebration of Hashem's protection of the Children of Israel. Moving in to our sukkahs for a week, is as if we were saying "We don't need walls G-d, we trust You with our security! Indeed, You are our protector".

So, why don't you guys who worship the State and its IDF jump out from your sukkahs? Don't you realize what is it all about? If you were intellectually honest, you'd build your sukkahs of bunker-grade concrete equipped with state of the art weaponry, trusting Hashem for your security! What liars you are!

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Yom Kippur, Repentance and Redemption

B"H - Yom Kippur is closely linked to tsuva, repentance In this week's shiur Rav. Richter mentions what I talk here about all the time, that is the aspect of a real repentance which must include not only the individual, private sphere, but also the national: We must not continue to ignore the Torah requirement of setting up certain institutions on the Land and run them the prescribed, Torah way, i.e. we must desire and cry out to Hashem for a Jewish king, to run the executive according to Torah, for the Sanhedrin, just courts, to administer justice according to Torah and for a Kohen Gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Yerushalayim according to Torah. Without this aspect, no repentance is complete. Relating this to Yom Kippur, it seems that even the passive acceptance of the secular State and its democracy are obstacles to redemption, let alone an active participation in it.

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The Upside-Down World of Zionism

B"H - What can possibly be wrong with a news-item entitled "A Sefer Torah in Gratitude to the IDF"? Well, everything really. Why? Because in Judaism it is the other way round: We thank Hashem, our G-d, the giver of the Torah for our successes! Attention, Zionism, the new replacement religion worshiping the "Renaissance of the Jewish People", already transformed Judaism without many of us even noticing anything!

- This is a comment on A Sefer Torah in Gratitude to the IDF 
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On the New and Terrible High Court Appointments

B"H - With reference to the new "high court" appointments, the bottom line is that we must not be surprised that the Erev Rav, the anti-Jewish mixed multitude, keeps accumulating power in its hands. The simple fact is that we know full well that no good can come out from the State of Israel's institutions, as they are defiantly non-Torah and anti- Torah institutions and as Jews we must pretend the establishment of Torah institutions on the Land: a Jewish king with his two Torah scrolls to run the executive, a Cohen Gadol to run the Temple on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, a Sanhedrin and just courts throughout the Land to administer justice. These are the Jewish institutions and checks and balances prescribed by our Constitution, the Torah! When we deviate from this divine model of running a perfect society, we commit a huge and public Chilul Hashem, desecration of G-d's Name, for which we can only be punished in terrible, terrible ways: So much for the masochism of our People, the Children of Israel. In conclusion, the Jewish response to this must be to abandon as much as possible this State's Hellenistic democracy, to abstain at least from the vote for evil kneset!

- This is a comment on New Supreme Court Judges: Mazuz and Baron
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On Har Bracha, On Shomron Governor Mesika, On Derailed Rav. Melamed And On Their Supporters, On The Erev Rav

B"H - Don't even think of bringing your family to Har Bracha, there is idol worshiping in there! What is going on in there is the visible sign of the bankruptcy of Religious Zionism: A corrupt political establishment hand in hand with derailed rabbis and their supporters, the Erev Rav, against Torah, Torah Jews and ultimately: Against Hashem, our G-d! Har Bracha is led astray by its "rav" Melamed and by the greed.of its developers, the concrete-pouring Zionists who instead of Hashem, worship the "Renaissance of the Jewish People", as Rav. Kook put it. And, of course, by the lining of their own pockets.

 - This is a composed comment on Har Bracha - A breath of fresh air and on my fb status
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